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NCAA Football Week 13 – Can’t Miss Games

Happy Thanksgiving week football! We really have a solid weekend’s worth of games. Fourteen by my count. We obviously have a season boiling down to Oregon & Auburn, but now the storyline shifts to wondering what will happen should one of the teams lose? This week gives both teams some incredible tests with Arizona & Alabama respectively, and it’ll be interesting to see if the 2 teams that have separated themselves can continue to do so.

Amazingly enough, there are races still in the other conferences. A whole lot will be decided this weekend, but I don’t think there is really ever a time where the games won’t matter. Let’s take a look at what’s on tap as we pound down turkey sandwiches by the DOZEN!

It’s a huge rivalry game to be sure, but note also that Texas still isn’t bowl eligible! In a year that is definitely lost, the Longhorns could get some semblance of content if they were to manage to beat A&M, ruin their chances at a South title & get bowl eligible.
If Pittsburgh wins out they get the automatic BCS bowl berth due to their 6-1 conference record, but one slip up combined with UConn winning out puts the Huskies in the BCS! The Panthers don’t have an easy road with both WVU & Cincinnati in their final 2.
The Iron Bowl! You could argue this is the most fierce rivalry in all of football. The stakes are HUGE this year as an Auburn win almost assures a 13-0 record & a chance to right all the wrongs from 2003. Bama of course could play spoiler. A 10-2 Alabama team would be difficult to keep out of the BCS.
Oregon is at home & coming off a bye week. My hunch is that Chip Kelly & the Ducks are going to try to erase the memory of the 15-13 close call at Cal. That means bad news for the Cats, but Mike Stoops is a good defensive mind & maybe he saw something in Cal’s approach that led to 15pts.
After HAMMERING Fresno St. 51-0 last week, this game doesn’t bode well for Nevada. Still, Nevada is a top-20 team in the BCS & they are playing at home. If Boise rips them 51-0 then at some point do you put Boise in a BCS Championship game just to see what happens?
At the beginning of the season a lot of people thought RichRod would need 8-9 wins to keep his job. He’s 7-4 right now so who knows. He’s at least bowl eligible & I still think 2011 will be his coming out party, but he could silence A LOT of detractors with a win here. Always a huge game.
Michigan St. is on the outside looking in if Ohio St. & Wisconsin win, but they need to keep their eye on the prize. A loss to Penn St. & none of it matters. MSU’s only goal now is an 11-1 season & a shot at going 12-1. A 12-1 Big 10 having no say in the BCS? That’s wild to think about.
Not really a huge game nationally, but for the Tennessee program this is a huge moment in time. Nobody expected much from Derek Dooley in his first year in Knoxville, but remember that this team was 3-6 after 9 games. They beat UK they finish 6-6 & go bowling. That’s a big step right.
A huge game in the SEC & for both teams really. Assuming Auburn wins, then I think the winner of this game gets an at-large BCS bowl. It’ll be either LSU at 11-1 or Arkansas at 10-2. The SEC West is just incredible from a division standpoint. I’m pulling for the fighting Petrinos!
The game doesn’t really matter at all, but anytime FSU & Florida strap it on it’s hard not to tune in. I’d love to see FSU win because it would put them at 9-3 & signal a return to prominence a bit even though the Gators are down. FSU could still find their way into the BCS.
Just a huge game for NC State & Tom O’Brien from a program standpoint. If the Wolfpack win, then they win the ACC Atlantic & will face Virginia Tech in the ACC Championship game. Lose & Florida St. gets there. Like FSU, NC State has a chance to get into the BCS.
Oregon St. is no joke. They are BY FAR the best 5-5 team in the nation. They might be better than any team with an 8-3 record or lower. That’s how good they are. OSU could play MAJOR spoiler late in the season with Stanford & Oregon on tap. I hope Stanford wins though. It’ll put them at 11-1 & a should be BCS bowl.
BEDLAM! It’s pretty simple. If Oklahoma St. wins then the Cowboys go 11-1 & win the Big XII South. It’s really a unique opportunity for OSU. The Sooners & Longhorns aren’t down often, but they aren’t as dominant as they have been so this is a time to jump up & take advantage. I hope OSU gets the job done.
With Notre Dame beating Utah & Army, the Irish don’t need to beat USC to get bowl eligible. They already are. Still, it’s a huge game even if there are no national implications. Brian Kelly could certainly use the win to get to 7-5, but after a pasting by Oregon St., USC certainly would like to the end the season at 9-4 with wins over ND & UCLA.

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