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Monday Night Actually More Important for Giants?

At 1-4, most people believe the Cowboys need to win tonight’s game against division rival New York because starting the year at 1-5 pretty much puts the final nail in Dallas’s coffin when it comes to playoff chances. They are in “win now” mode already starting off an abysmal 1-4 so getting a significant win here against a 4-2 Giants squad is a must. Not only does it get Dallas back on the right track, but remember it also gives the Cowboys a division & conference win which always helps with the dreaded tiebreaker system.

However, the game might be more important for New York’s playoff hopes & Super Bowl aspirations. Consider the following seedings (if the season ended after week 7) after week 7 should New York win or lose:

If the Giants Win

1. Giants
2. Falcons
3. Seahawks
4. Bears
5. Bucs
6. Redskins
15. Cowboys

If the Giants Lose

1. Falcons
2. Seahawks
3. Redskins
4. Bears
5. Bucs
6. Giants
13. Cowboys

The different is huge really. The Giants go from getting a 1st round bye plus the advantage of playing all their playoff games at home due to the #1 seed to having to play a Wild Card game on the road & knowing they’ll never play a home playoff game as the #6 seed! Can there be a bigger difference in the playoffs than the #1 & #6 seeds? True, the Giants would still be in the playoffs either way, but a loss here definitely makes the road A LOT tougher. Obviously there would still be a ton of football left to play so nothing is set in stone, BUT as you can see, the Giants have more to lose by losing this game than Dallas.

If Dallas wins, their 2-4 record elevates them to the #13 seed should the season end after tonight’s game. If they lose & come away 1-5, then they only are two spots worse at #15. Either way the Cowboys are very far from playoff contention. A win certainly puts Dallas on the road to the playoffs should they wind up making a run so I don’t want to minimize that effect. Dallas would probably have to win 3 straight to get back to 4-4 to see where things headed after the first half of the season. They get the Giants & Jaguars at home. If they can win tonight then it looks certain Dallas can get to 3-4 after 7 with a road game against the Packers as their last game of the first half of the season. Let’s assume the Cowboys win the next 3 to right the ship at 4-4 after 8. What about the next 8?

@ New York Giants
New Orleans
@ Indianapolis
@ Arizona
@ Philadelphia

Assuming Dallas wins their home games, their record would be 8-4 with 4 games remaining against the Giants, Colts, Cardinals & Eagles. The game against Arizona is a win. That puts Dallas at 9-4. At New York is almost a definite loss putting Dallas at 9-5 with two road games against the Colts & Eagles that could determine a playoff spot.

We aren’t talking about any of this if Dallas loses tonight to the Giants. The game is extremely important for Dallas and their hopes for the 2010 season, but the game is also very important for the New York Giants. While it might be desperation time for the Cowboys, I don’t want to minimize the importance of this game for the Giants.

A loss here means New York loses their hold on 1st place in the East to the Washington Redskins & also drops them from a #1 seed to a #6. The Giants are going to show up big time tonight in the Big D.


October 25, 2010 - Posted by | Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, NFL Playoffs

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