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NCAA Football Week 8 – Must See Games

This week gives us the possibility of gaining a little clarity to the 2010 NCAA football season. The big matchups to me are the Big XII. Missouri hosts Oklahoma with pretty big implications because the Sooners opened up the BCS as the #1 team. Missouri hasn’t played anyone outside of Illinois & Texas A&M which isn’t a huge deal so it’s possibly Missouri is nothing more than a product of their weak scheduling. Frankly, for there to be a muster of logic to the BCS then Oklahoma has to show up with not only a road win against an undefeated Missouri team, but they need a HUGE road win. The win has to be impressive.

The other game that will give us some idea of the order or power is Iowa hosting Wisconsin. With Michigan State beating Wisconsin, Wisconsin beating Ohio State & Arizona beating Iowa, it would make a lot more sense if Wisconsin went into Iowa City & beat the Hawkeyes. If that is the case then we can say that Michigan St. is A LOT better than we all thought while Ohio St. & Iowa may have been a bit overrated. A Wisconsin win also makes the Ohio St./Iowa game later on a little less important. If Iowa beats Wisconsin then you really don’t know if Michigan St. is as good as Iowa & you already know that Iowa lost to Arizona. If that is the case & you believe that Arizona is behind Oregon & Stanford in the Pac 10 then it’s entirely possible that the Pac 10 has 3 teams better than any team in the Big 10.

The Big XII has some interesting tie ins as well. TCU plays Air Force this week in a game that matters because it’s one of the one games that TCU plays that actually will count towards having a decent opponent. It matters a little to the BCS because Oklahoma beat Air Force 27-24 in Norman. TCU plays the Falcons at home too, but if the Frogs beat Air Force by 30-40 points then it certainly has to damage Oklahoma a bit in regards to the impression TCU will make over a common opponent with Oklahoma. At the same time, Oklahoma actually needs Oklahoma St. to get a win over Nebraska. Because Oklahoma misses Nebraska on the schedule, the fact that Texas beat Nebraska hurts Oklahoma a bit if Nebraska beats Oklahoma St. Seeing how Texas already beat Nebraska, an Oklahoma St. win would allow the Cowboys to vault up the rankings & make the game against the Sooners that much more meaningful.

Another interesting occurrence happens in the Pac 10 as Washington plays Arizona. I think UW has the ability to beat some teams and if they can get a road win against Arizona & Iowa beats Wisconsin then Iowa has problems. If that happens & then Iowa beats Michigan St. & Ohio St. to finish 11-1, they might have screwed themselves with an early season loss to Arizona as the Wildcats look worse & Iowa can’t make up the ground on a potentially undefeated teams from the Big XII, Pac 10, Boise St., TCU & maybe an undefeated or 1-loss SEC squad.

Speaking of the SEC, is there a potentially crazier game than Georgia or Kentucky? Both of these teams can potentially win the SEC East for crying out loud! I knew the SEC East was going to take a backseat to the West this year, but COME ON! That division is starting to completely suck! Let’s look at the dirty dozen! Games that is!

This actually could be a blow out, but UCLA did beat Texas in Austin so it’s not their first time going on the road against a big time team. Oregon is MUCH better than Texas this season so it might not matter, but UCLA could show up & the #1 spot hasn’t been held for long this year.
Whoever wins this game has to be #1 in the nation right? The winner will be an 8-0 SEC team with an outstanding resume especially if War Eagle comes away with a win. I think LSU has been doing it with smoke & mirrors all season so it wouldn’t surprise me with an LSU win, but how can Auburn lose this one?
This is one of those games that could bring some clarity. If Wisconsin wins then all is right within the Big 10, but if the Hawkeyes win then all of a sudden we aren’t sure if the Big 10 is even any good as Arizona beat Iowa. If the Badgers win then we can say Wisky & Sparty are the class of the Big 10.
The road win in Lubbock last week was pretty nice by the Cowboys, but now they get a real test with Nebraska. You can argue OSU hasn’t played anyone, but neither has Nebraska until last week when they lost at home to Texas. On the road in Stillwater won’t be easy & it’ll be interesting to see how Nebraska rebounds.
K-State is 5-1 while Baylor is 5-2. It’s not a huge game nationally, but I keep waiting for Baylor to have that big time breakthrough game & it might be this week against a decent Wildcats team. Baylor needs another win to get bowl eligible & this might be their last shot to get it barring a big upset unless they can beat A&M in a few weeks.
The SEC East is a mess. With Kentucky beating South Carolina last week, if they beat Georgia then UK could come out as the SEC East champion if they win out & get a little help with South Carolina & Florida. If UGA wins out they could win the SEC East. Typically this wouldn’t be a hyped game, but it’s important.
The opening loss to LSU doesn’t look bad at all although a 2nd loss to GT hurts. Still, Carolina has quietly won 4 straight & still has the talent to make a serious run. Miami-FL hasn’t beaten a good team & UNC could make a legit move towards a possible 10-2 season with a win here.
Oklahoma finally showed a dominating performance from start to finish last week in beating Iowa St. 52-0. Mizzou is a tougher test especially in Columbia, but the Sooners could be coming into their own. Mizzou’s biggest win so far is Illinois? Either Missouri is going to be seriously exposed or Oklahoma loses ground in the BCS with either a loss or close win.
Air Force is a decent team so TCU needs to take full advantage of this matchup with a big time victory. The Frogs have to think about style points here so a 50-0 win over a quality team would look very very good especially given how close AF played Oklahoma. A close win kills TCU.
Pittsburgh finally showed a pulse in hammering Syracuse last week. Despite being 3-3, Pitt is 1-0 in the Big East. Rutgers too is 1-0 in the BE & 4-2 overall. Pittsburgh was thought of as a top-15 team before the season started. A strong run through the BE could still put them into the BCS. It’s an interesting game.
The ACC hasn’t been what a lot of us thought it might, but there is still some intrigue. GT’s bad loss to Kansas has masked a 5-2 start with a good shot at winning the ACC. Clemson went through a bad 3-game stretch with 3 close losses, but are still a solid team. The Tigers could play spoiler at home here.
This game is interesting because of national implications to a degree. Arizona has sort of fouled things up by beating Iowa but then losing to Oregon State. Washington is the sort of team that can surprise you so Arizona has to watch out. Right now Arizona has to finish 9-3/10-2 or the season will be extremely disappointing after the Iowa win.

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