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Changes in the Indiana HS Rankings

There were a couple of changes in the Indiana High School Football Rankings I thought fairly interesting concerning SIAC teams & Washington. I thought it would be interesting to go over them.

Evansville Reitz: Week 7: #1 (Class 4A); Week 8: #1 (Class 4A)

Reitz didn’t drop any spots from being considered the best team in Class 4A in the state of Indiana, but they did lose a 1st place vote dropping from 11-1st Place votes to 10 despite a spectacular offensive showing this past week in beating Evansville Bosse 62-21. Of the 5 classes of Indiana state football, Evansville Reitz has had the most tenuous hold on the top spot as Ft. Wayne Dwenger & Jasper have their own first place votes. Dwenger (7-0) is #2 while Jasper (8-0) is #3. Because of the random drawing of sectional pairings, Jasper has to plat at Reitz in the first game of Sectionals. In a game that probably has it’s place as a potential state championship game, these two have to win that game just to keep playing!

Evansville Central: Week 7: #13 (Class 4A); Week 8: #12 (Class 4A)

The 42-14 win over Providence this past week pushed the Bears up a spot in Class 4A which will have a loaded Sectional 16 along with Jasper & Reitz. Central’s record is 6-2 which is pretty good. Their only losses have come to #1 (4A) Evansville Reitz & #4 (2A) Mater Dei so they are quality losses. Add in the fact that those two games were early season games & Central has caught fire lately I would have liked to see the Bears break into the top-10. Everyone in the top-10 has a record of 7-1/8-0 except for Indianapolis Cathedral who at 5-3 is ranked #5. The Bears should hammer Evansville North this weekend so I hope they can get up to #10/#11 before sectional play begins.

Washington: Week 7: #8 (Class 3A); Week 8: #13 (Class 3A)

I’m sort of surprised to see the Hatchets fall 5 spots despite losing to Jasper. The Wildcats could certainly argue they are the best team in Class 4A so Washington going on the road & losing that game shouldn’t be that big of a deal when you consider Jasper is a class ahead of them. When you consider that they probably got robbed at Mt. Carmel (IL), Washington should be 7-1 with their only loss coming to Jasper. Are they contenders for the Class 3A state championship? My guess is a resounding no especially when you consider that Evansville Memorial, a fellow Class 3A team, only lost to Jasper 14-7 in the season opener with a true sophomore starting his first game ever as a high school QB, but I’d say the Hatchets are still a top-10 team within their class.

Evansville Memorial: Week 7: #15 (Class 3A); Week 8: #15 (Class 3A)

I still have my doubts about Memorial’s offensive firepower after losing a lot from their state championship runner-up teams from the past 2 seasons, but teams from Indianapolis get quite a pass for going out of state to play top-tier regional teams even if they lose & keep their rankings. Memorial’s record isn’t fantastic at 4-4, but their 4 losses are to Evansville Reitz (#1, Class 4A), Jasper (#3, Class 4A), Evansville Mater Dei (#4, Class 2A) & Evansville Central (#12, Class 4A). No team in the entire Class 3A landscape has played a tougher slate against that quality of an opponent. I’m not saying Memorial deserves a top-5 ranking with a record of 4-4 (see: Bishop Chartard), but they could get a little more live that #15.

Evansville Mater Dei: Week 7: #3 (Class 2A); Week 8: #4 (Class 2A)

Mater Dei beat Castle this past week 28-14 & actually fell a spot in the polls! Jeff Sagarin thinks Mater Dei is the 2nd best team in Class 2A behind Ft. Wayne Luers who also sports a perfect 8-0 record. The polls have Rensselaer & North Putnam at #2 & #3 while Sagarin has them at #3 & #4 respectively. It’ll be interesting to see what happens to Mater Dei if they can upset Reitz this week in the season finale. Even with a win I don’t think they can get by Luers for #1, but they should at least be #2. It’ll also be interesting to see if they get dropped in the polls if they lose. I don’t see how they can get punished for losing to the #1 team in a class 2 jumps ahead of them.


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