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SIAC Week 9 – Matchups

The last week in the SIAC! The huge story here is Reitz & Mater Dei. They are both 8-0 heading into the last game of the season for the first time in HISTORY! The game obviously determines the SIAC champion & also the city championship. It also has some poll meaning in that a Reitz win will solidify the Panthers hold on the #1 spot in Class 4A. If Mater Dei manages to beat Reitz then it will be pretty darn difficult to not think Mater Dei is the #1 team in Class 2A.

The other notable game is Bosse playing Harrison. Both teams are 1-7 & 0-6 in conference. The loser of course will finish dead last in the SIAC. It’s too bad though because I think both Bosse & Harrison have made pretty good strides this season since the beginning of the year. I don’t think either team could hang with the elite of the SIAC such as Reitz, Mater Dei, Central & Memorial, but if the season started today I think Bosse & Harrison would have a shot to get by teams like Castle & North. One last week before sectionals & it’s certainly possible for the SIAC to have 3 state champions in Reitz, Mater Dei & Memorial.

Let’s get it on baby! Both Harrison & Bosse come into the game 1-7, but they’ve been making strides throughout the year. Both are 0-6 in the SIAC so the loser here is the worst team in the SIAC, but to me I think both showed signs of improvement all season long. Heck, Bosse might win a sectional game!
North has lost 5 straight giving up 35 points per game in their last 3. Central has won 5 straight & has averaged 40 points per game in those 5 wins. You can see where I’m going with this. Central is getting better & better while the Huskies are getting worse & worse. Central ROLLS.
You knew it was coming baby! The #1 (Class 4A) Reitz Panthers play the #3 (Class 2A) Mater Dei Wildcats for WEST SIDE supremacy & an SIAC championship. This is the first time in history both teams head into the final game at 8-0. This is the best game of the Year in Southern Indiana.
Even though they are 4-4, Memorial has lost to Central, Reitz, Mater Dei & Jasper. Reitz & Jasper could easily claim to the best 4A team in Indiana. Reitz is 31. Mater Dei can argue they are the best team in 2A. Central is likely a top-10 4A squad. With Washington looking so poor, maybe Memorial does get back to Indy.
Washington has had 2 big games this year against Mt. Carmel & Jasper. They lost both & now are 6-2 playing their final game against North Know. They’ll roll in this game & possibly score 70 points as they’ve done before, but at this point Washington won’t prove anything until beating Memorial & winning a sectional championship.

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