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Can Mark Ingram Win the Heisman?

When Mark Ingram missed the first two games of the season, it was widely thought that Ingram’s chances at winning a 2nd Heisman Trophy were eliminated. Then we saw what he did against Duke & Arkansas & I’m not so sure anymore. The Heisman vote has to be in before the bowl season, but that gives Ingram a chance at playing in 9 more games. Here are some important numbers for Ingram:

2010 Stats To Date: 308 rushing yards, 9.3ypc, 4TD, 154ypg, 2 receptions, 27 receiving yards
Projected 2010 Stats: 1,694 rushing yards, 22TD, 11 receptions, 149 receiving yards
2009 Final Stats: 1,658 rushing yards, 17TD, 32 receptions, 334 receiving yards

As you can see, Ingram is actually on pace to beat his 2009 numbers despite missing a couple of games if he can keep the level of production he’s had over Alabama’s next 9 games. Note also that Ingram right now is averaging a ridiculous 9.3ypc! Remember that in 2005 when Reggie Bush won the Heisman (cough cough) he averaged 8.7ypc and people thought it was completely insane that he could run for almost 9ypc every time he touched the football.

Mark Ingram is doing better than that! Watching Ingram play Arkansas Saturday, I kept thinking that he was the very best running back I’ve ever seen come out of college. I was too young to remember Bo Jackson or Herschel Walker when they played for Auburn & Georgia respectively, but I can’t think of a single runner that I’ve seen do better than what I’ve seen from Mark Ingram the past couple of years.

There is certainly a lot of talk about Denard Robinson, Terrelle Pryor, Andrew Luck, Kellen Moore & Ryan Mallett for the Heisman, but if Alabama goes 13-0, is ranked #1 & Ingram has rushed for almost 1,700 yards including 20+ TDs, then how does Ingram not win the award even if he did play in only 11 games?

(NOTE: The Heisman Pundit has The 10 Heismandments & #9 states that there will never be another 2-time Heisman winner which effectively dismisses Ingram from the ballot. I tend to agree with him, but I’m looking at a statistical comparison of Ingram in 2009 & what he could put up in 2010 if his first two games are any indication of his final production. Although it seems like a 99.9999% chance Ingram won’t win 2 awards in a row, if he rushes for 1,700 yards with a 9.3ypc average with 20+ TDs while Alabama is 13-0, I think he’ll make the best case I’ve ever seen of winning back to back Heisman Trophies.)


September 27, 2010 - Posted by | Alabama, Heisman Trophy, Mark Ingram

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