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SIAC Week 6 – Recap

Another week in the SIAC, another slate of game going according to plan. I’ve said this before, but the SIAC is determined. What we are waiting for is the SIAC showdown in the last week between Reitz & Mater Dei. Beyond that it’s sectionals to see how it all shakes out and see who is going to contend for a possible Indiana State Championship. The one surprise was Washington falling to Mt. Carmel (IL), but the Hatchets aren’t in the SIAC. Let’s get to recapping!

#3 (Class 2A) Evansville Mater Dei 49, Evansville Harrison 6

It took two plays & 21-seconds for Mater Dei to score & make it 7-0 to open up against the Harrison Warriors! Mater Dei would score on their first three possessions making it 21-0. It was game, set, match for the Wildcats as they humiliated the worst team in the SIAC. Mater Dei QB Dane Mauer was 9 of 12 for 182 yards & 3TD. RB Cody Hess ran for 124 yards & 2TD on 11 carries. Mater Dei improved to 6-0 while Harrison dropped to 1-5. What else you can you say here. Mater Dei is a well oiled machine while Harrison is trying to rebuild a dying program.

#19 (Class 4A) Evansville Central 55, Evansville Bosse 20

Wow! I thought this would be the best game in the SIAC this past week, but Central came out GUNS BLAZING in the first half & cruised to an easy win. I’m actually pretty happy that Bosse was able to score 20 points, but Central put up 55! It sort of makes you wonder what happened to the Bears when they faced Mater Dei & Reitz? Central has a decent chance at redeeming themselves if they can beat Memorial to finish 3rd in the SIAC. It’ll be interesting to see if that happens as Memorial has a solid defense & Central’s offense seemed to disappear when they faced much stiffer competition. Central QB Jacob Hester WENT OFF going 21 for 25 for 330 yards & 5TD! WR Justin Williams was a huge beneficiary catching 8 of those 21 passes for 167 yards & a TD. Central improved to 4-2 while Bosse dropped to 1-5. Solid work for Bosse even if they took a beating.

#12 (Class 3A) Evansville Memorial 23, Evansville North 20

This is why North sucks. They drop a game against Castle last week they should have won. This week they have a prime opportunity to beat Memorial but can’t convert on a 4th & 1 which cost them yet another conference game. Screw the stats for this game. Memorial scored 23 points in the 1st half as North completely shut them down in the 2nd half, but when there was a chance to win, North jacked it. North has been taking some criticixm locally for their coaching staff. HC Mike Wilson isn’t taking a ton of heat but there is some thought in the city that he needs to blow his staff up. As an ex-athlete intimately involved with North High School athletics, North has a problem with most of their coaches. Wilson has been there for 20+ years & that’s a ridiculously long time. As the biggest school in the SIAC, North should be a lot better than this.

#1 (Class 4A) Evansville Reitz 41, Castle 21

Reitz senior QB Matt McIntosh was back in the lineup thus Reitz was once again virtually unstoppable! McIntosh was out last week against Memorial & he was out until mid-way through the 3rd quarter against Castle when he entered the game. Reitz was up 15-6 when McIntosh came. They scored 26 points with McIntosh in the game. McIntosh is still beat up which is why he sat for quite awhile against Castle. No harm no foul really has Reitz had this game in hand. Reitz has to get healthy. They get North & Bosse in the next two weeks which are easy games, but who knows? North isn’t going to beat Reitz, but they could stay in it. Bosse is going to get hammered by Reitz, but Bosse is proving to be a scrappy squad meaning they are going to play hard. Reitz is the #1 ranked team in Class 4A. They might be one of the best 10 teams in the state, but they need to get healthy quickly. I’m not sure Central can beat the Panthers in the sectional, but you never now. Central is definitely starting to mix things up. They aren’t going to beat anyone with their defense, but the Bears have mixed up the offense enough that Reitz can’t simply concentrate on Dyris Haywood and expect to win. Maybe I’m over confident in Central, but I’d think the Bears have A LOT better chance at winning if Matt McIntosh isn’t playing.

Mt. Carmel (IL) 22, #7 (Class 3A) Washington 20

Alright let’s get the easy parts out of the way. Mt. Carmel was down 20-16 late in the 4th quarter when they scored a TD to make it 22-20 with just a minute & a half left to play. Washington got the ball & drove their way down into Mt. Carmel territory. They had to attempt a 50-yards FG for the win, but kicker Tanner Fritschel missed it giving Mt. Carmel the 2-point win. Fritschel had already hit FGs of 30 & 46 yards, but couldn’t hit a career long 50 for the road win. Washington RB Joe McCormick ran for 210 yards on 19 carries which is INSANE! That is what was reported! What WASN’T reported were 2TDs that Washington didn’t get counted. The first was a pick-6 at the end of the 1st half that Washington returned 99-yards but was called back on a block-in-the-back penalty. The penalty occurred no where near the runner so the call was a bit suspect although I suppose if you are going to get greedy, the Washington player committing the penalty should have been a lot smarter. The other play was the refs calling a fumble on a Washington TD in the 4th quarter when the Hatchets runner stretched the ball over the goal line, but the refs called it a fumble. The two plays certainly could have given Washington the win, BUT a couple of comments. Washington shouldn’t pass the ball. Looking at the box score, Washington shouldn’t be passing the ball at all. It leads to turnovers & the Hatchets are way too good at running the ball not to control clock and pound other teams. The player clipping that negated the 99-yard pick six is ridiculous. I don’t doubt that the clip happened, BUT why make the clip if he was 30-yards away from the runner? That Washington player should have simply been watching. The goal line fumble? Tough to call without actually seeing the play. Heck, those types of calls on replay are tough. Definitely would have been a great game to see. You certainly could say Washington had some aspects of the game not go their way while playing a road game, but then again, Washington should have hammered this team. It wasn’t a conference game so it doesn’t much matter. Washington will be judged on two games this season. The first is the regular season game against Jasper. The 2nd will be when/if they play Evansville Memorial in the sectional. Let’s hope the play calling gets a bit better in the future.


Reitz 6-0
Mater Dei 6-0
Washington 5-1
Central 4-2
Memorial 3-3
North 2-4
Castle 2-4
Bosse 1-5
Harrison 1-5


1. Reitz
2. Mater Dei
3. Central
4. Memorial
5. Washington
6. Castle
7. North
8. Bosse
9. Harrison


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