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Kevin Hench at Fox Sports has an interesting article entitled “Bowl Season could hit new low” detailing how college football might have to off a 5-7 football team the opportunity to play in a bowl in order to fill out the 35-bowl schedule. Last season there were 73 teams in the FBS who had at least a 6-6 record after the regular season.

That isn’t much room for error. Hench argues that the FCS is having a little bit more success this year against FBS teams than last season. Combine that with the fact that USC cannot go to a bowl game and the pool of potential teams available to in the postseason could potentially shrink below the needed 70 teams.

Hench makes the article into one that criticizes the NCAA and how collegiate football is essentially a free farm system for the NFL, but the interesting part for me is his opinion that the NCAA doesn’t really care if a 5-7 team plays a 5-7 team in a bowl game because people will still watch bad football. He posits that people will watch bad football when there isn’t anything else on television. Heck, maybe people watch bad football even when good alternative television is available.

And that to me is the interesting part. We can argue the merits of being interested in bad football, but the point is that if there is a demand then there are always going to be people who are going to try & be a supplier. At the end of the day though, it’s always going to be about people consuming a product. As much as people complain about “bad” football, they fail to think that maybe there isn’t any “bad” football!

As for me, I don’t understand how there can be any interest in bowl games now that the BCS has essentially taken over. When we were dealing with mythical national championships, some of the bowls had a certain romanticism about them. The Cotton Bowl is one that comes to mind. Now the Cotton Bowl isn’t a “BCS” bowl & it is far removed from the BCS Championship. There are certainly some good vibes still attached to the Rose Bowl, but in recent years, neither Ohio St. nor USC were pining away for the Rose Bowl. They both want to be in the BCS Championship because it’s the only way either team can win a national championship.

The only thing the bowl season really accomplishes now is determining how strong the conferences might be based on a few matchups in late December/early January. The bottom line in all of this is that people are going to watch horrific football.

I don’t really cherish the idea of a bowl game featuring a 5-7 Wake Forest team taking on a 5-7 Mississippi St. squad, but you can be sure that ESPN will devote at least 10 minutes on every Sportscenter or College Football Live program hyping this game as a HUGE matchup between solid ACC & SEC teams. You’ll be able to find 50 blogs all with a different opinion of the game. It still doesn’t make the game any better.


September 23, 2010 - Posted by | Football

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