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The Power 15 – Week 3

Week 3 was a solid week in College Football. It’s weird how the huge Week 2 was built up like it was the most amazing week in college football, but in reality it certainly seems like Week 3 surpassed Week 2 in substance even if it wasn’t as hyped up. I’m still numb from Michigan St. HC Mark Dantonio’s call to fake a FG in OT against Notre Dame which led to a TD and a Spartan 34-31 victory! Talk about ballsy! It was so amazing that Dantonio had a heart attack later that night! I KID! I KID! Dantonio did have a heart attack & I’m sure we all are hoping Dantonio has a speedy & complete recovery.

One things is for certain, college football is infinitely more exciting when Dantonio is a part of it!

Just Missing Cut: Miami-FL, Michigan St., Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Stanford, USC, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Utah, Air Force, Nevada

#1 The domination is simply too absolute for the Tide to rank anywhere but #1. Duke isn’t a great team, but they aren’t horrible either. Alabama was up on Duke 42-6 in the 2nd quarter. In his first game back, Mark Ingram ran for 151 yards & 2TD on 9 carries! At this point I think Alabama deserves the benefit of the doubt. The offense is virtually unstoppable & Nick Saban is the best defensive coach in the NCAA.
#2 Ohio St. didn’t do anything to lose the top spot, but Alabama was simply too impressive. Ohio St. could have a problem in the future. Iowa lost & Wisconsin doesn’t look fantastic despite being 3-0. With the ACC taking a thumping, maybe the home win against Miami-FL doesn’t look so hot? Their next 3 games are against E.Michigan, Illinois & Indiana. The Buckeyes will be 6-0, but will we really know them well?
#3 Oregon is simply ridiculous. The Ducks are 3-0 & have outscored their opponents 189-13! That’s 189 points in 180 minutes of football! In his 2nd game back, RB LaMichael James ran for 227 yards & 2TD on 14 carries! Yeah it was Portland St., but 69-0!? Oregon is somewhat like Ohio St. except that don’t have a Miami-FL win on the resume. They get Arizona St. & Stanford in the next two weeks.
#4 Boise St. is getting all the attention for being the possible BCS buster, but the real problem here is TCU. TCU put the hammer down on Baylor to the tune of a 45-10 horse whipping. The Mountain West looks absolutely amazing so if TCU winds up 13-0 with wins over Oregon St., Baylor, Utah, Air Force & BYU then I don’t see how you keep the Horned Frogs out in order to keep Boise St. in. This team is great.
#5 Beating Wyoming 51-6 is impressive. It was 34-0 at halftime & I’d expect we are going to see a lot of games like this from the Broncos. Boise St. got some good news this week when Nevada beat California, but it’s also a double edged sword because why couldn’t Nevada beat Boise St.? The game is in Reno which now makes it one of the biggest games of 2010. Even if Boise wins, they really need a TCU loss.
#6 Nebraska didn’t just beat Washington, they humiliated the Huskies & QB Jake Locker in front a home crowd in Seattle. There were tons of questions about Nebraska’s offense heading into the season, but Taylor Martinez has all but erased those concerns. The Blackshirts held Jake Locker to 4 of 20 for 71 yards including 2 picks. In 3 weeks the Longhorns come calling. Win that & the Huskers are going 12-0.
#7 If you were nitpicking you could argue that Oklahoma wasn’t that great in beating Air Force 27-24, but I think Air Force has a shot to finish the season 10-3 if they win their bowl so a 3-point win over a double digit win team looks pretty darn impressive. Oklahoma has now blown out Florida St. & won a tight one against a very good Air Force team. Those will be HUGE non-conference wins by the end of the season.
#8 Last week I said I’d believe in Texas if they beat Texas Tech & that’s just what the did in Lubbock, beating the Red Raiders 24-14. Texas & Florida have somewhat the same problem. Their defenses are so far ahead of their offense that they are basically a top-10 team. The offense is good enough to score some points while the defense is so good, opponents simply can’t score. How poor they are on offense doesn’t matter.
#9 Georgia losing to Arkansas in Athens hurts SC’s win over the Dawgs just a bit, but the SEC is so good that who knows what a win means within the conference!? South Carolina didn’t look fantastic statistically against Furman although they did beat them 38-19. The Gamecocks got out to a 14-0 lead after the 1Q & probably cruised from that point forward. Would be nice to see the offense sharpen up a bit though.
#10 Don’t sleep on Georgia. If you think SC & Arkansas are top-10 teams (I do) then Georgia losing to both of them could mean UGA is as good as #11. Ryan Mallett was incredible on the road in Athens throwing for 380 yards & 3TD on 21 of 33 passing. The Razorbacks were in control for most of the game although they let Georgia back in it. They’ll need to finish better going forward, but this is a fantastic football squad.
#11 Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. Florida hasn’t played particularly well in any of their 3 victories. In fact, if USF or Tennessee were even halfway good they would have beaten Florida. Make no mistake, the Gators defense is incredible. Possibly the best D I’ve seen this year. This gives the offense time to work out the kinks, but good grief! At some point the Gators will face a dynamic defense.
#12 It kills me to put the Tigers here, but beating Mississippi St. 29-7 at home is very very impressive especially given the fact that I think MSU probably should have beaten Auburn in Starkville a week prior. I don’t believe in Les Miles as HC & I certainly don’t believe in Jordan Jefferson as QB, but LSU has beaten both North Carolina & Mississippi St. Those are solid wins. West Virginia comes to town & it’ll be telling.
#13 Beating UMass 42-37 in the Big House isn’t anything that will give anyone confidence in the Wolverines. I’m going to stick with them though. Michigan got lucky with Dayne Crist missing the first half that allowed Michigan to score some points. They narrowly avoided a loss to UMass that had visions of Appalachian St. dancing in their heads. These kinds of games build season momentum though. Michigan will start 5-0.
#14 The win over Iowa was HUGE! To be fair, Arizona got a couple of huge plays early. A blocked punt & an interception led to 14 Arizona points in the 1Q. Iowa won quarters 2-4 27-20. Those 14 points count though so Arizona wins 34-27. It was a massive win for the Wildcats & moves them into the top-15. Arizona has to use this game as a stepping stone. If they can beat Iowa they should be able to go 11-1/10-2.
#15 I’m keeping Auburn in the top-15, but it’s shaky. They had a close call with Mississippi St. last week & LSU blew the Bulldogs out. Clemson got out to a 17-0 lead over Auburn although War Eagle did come back & win it in OT. The tricky part for me is that QB Cameron Newton isn’t running Gus Malzahn’s offense to perfection. There is some leeway to be sure, but this is the SEC West. It’s not easy.

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