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NFL Playoffs – After Week 1

With all the games finished for the week, we can now calculate the playoff seedings for conferences in the NFL. I’ll start with the AFC which is interesting to say the least.


1. Dolphins 1-0
2. Chiefs 1-0
3. Texans 1-0
4. Ravens 1-0
5. Titans 1-0
6. Jaguars 1-0
7. Patriots 1-0
8. Steelers 1-0
9. Browns 0-1
10. Colts 0-1
11. Jets 0-1
12. Broncos 0-1
13. Bengals 0-1
14. Bills 0-1
15. Raiders 0-1
16. Chargers 0-1

San Diego really gets screwed here. They lost to Kansas City which is a divisional game so there is no way they can be ahead of either Oakland or Denver as those two teams are both 0-0 in divisional play. If you go by last year’s playoff teams, 5 of the 6 teams who would have made the playoffs after week 1 went on to make the playoffs! The AFC has to buck that one-year trend because right now you have the Patriots, Steelers, Colts, Jets, Bengals, & Chargers all outside the top-6 with only one being able to make it! Also last year nobody started out worse than 12th and made the playoffs. That’s bad news for Bengals & Chargers fans.


1. Seahawks 1-0
2. Bears 1-0
3. Saints 1-0
4. Redskins 1-0
5. Cardinals 1-0
6. Giants 1-0
7. Packers 1-0
8. Bucs 1-0
9. Falcons 0-1
10. Eagles 0-1
11. Vikings 0-1
12. Cowboys 0-1
13. Rams 0-1
14. Lions 0-1
15. Panthers 0-1
16. 49ers 0-1

I already discussed the NFC, but last year 4 of the eventual 6 playoff teams were in the playoffs after week 1. No team also started with a seed lower than #10 and still went on to make the playoffs. That virtually counts out the Cowboys, Vikings & 49ers!

One year is certainly not enough date to conclude if teams will or won’t make the playoffs after one week, and I’m certainly too lazy to figure it up over time, but if nothing else, it shows this NFL season could be rather surprising if what happened after week 1 in 2009 holds true in 2010.


September 14, 2010 - Posted by | NFL, NFL Playoffs

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