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NFC Playoffs After Week 1

Just for fun, here is how the NFC playoff picture would look if the season ended after one week of play.

#1 Seattle Seahawks
#2 Chicago Bears
#3 New Orleans Saints
#4 Washington Redskins
#5 Arizona Cardinals
#6 New York Giants

Wild Card: Giants @ Saints; Cardinals @ Redskins
Wild Card Bye: Seahawks & Bears

Oddly enough, after 1 game last season the Seahawks were the #1 seed in the NFC! Looks like that opening day win for Pete Carroll isn’t as huge as it looks because the Seahawks’s win last season under Jim Mora meant the exact same thing in relation to the NFC playoff standings.

Another interesting tidbit is that in 2009, the top 6 seeds were: 1)Seahawks, 2)Packers, 3)Giants, 4)Saints, 5)Eagles, 6)Cowboys. You’ll notice that 4 of the 6 who were in the playoffs after the first week were also in the playoffs at the end of the season. If the same holds true in 2010 then we are looking at a surprise team in the NFC playoffs. I’ll give you the Giants, Saints & even the Cardinals, but nobody is expected the Redskins, Bears or Seahawks to make the playoffs.

Even more interesting last season was that no team who eventually made the playoffs ranked outside of the top-10 in regards to seeding after week 1. If that holds true in 2010 then the 49ers, Cowboys & Vikings will not be in the playoffs this year.

I’m unable to do the AFC seeding just yet because we have two Monday night games featuring 4 AFC teams, but according to 2009, 5 of the top-6 seeds after week 1 went on to make the playoffs with no team seeded worse than 11th making the playoffs. Why is that interesting? Because it’s going to be terribly hard for the Colts to seed higher than 12th considering they have the 4th best record in their own division currently.

Playoffs without Brett Favre & Peyton Manning? The sky really is falling!


September 13, 2010 - Posted by | NFC, NFL Playoffs, Seattle Seahawks

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