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Thursday Night Impressions

Got to watch Indiana/Towson St., USC/Hawaii, & Miami-FL/Florida A&M last night & here are a few quick thoughts on each game.

Indiana 51, Towson St. 17

Indiana has problems. Despite outscoring Towson St. by 34 points, Indiana was actually outgained 32 total yards! They also allowed 227 rushing yards which is asinine. Maybe the Hoosiers took their foot off the gas defensively b/c they got such a big lead, but if IU doesn’t get those 2 picks in the 1st half, I’m not sure they win this game. The defensive line got NO PRESSURE on Towson QB Chris Hart. QBs in the Big 10 that are similar to Hart, i.e. can run, are Terrelle Pryor (Ohio St.), Denard Robinson (Michigan), Dan Persa (Northwestern), & Robert Marve (Purdue). Those might be 4 losses now. All of a sudden it looks like IU might wind up 5-7 or 4-8 instead of my predicted 7-5. Note too that Bill Lynch wasn’t exactly a great 2nd half coach in 2009. Indiana, despite scoring 51 points, didn’t score a 2nd half TD.

USC 49, Hawai’i 36

Awesome game to watch. The big story here is how can a USC talent rich defense coached up by Monte Kiffin give up 36 points? Part of it is schematic in nature. On the other hand, Hawai’i looked a lot better than I thought they would. USC’s offense was a BEAST! Marc Tyler was incredible at tailback. It’s amazing this guy has dealt with injuries his entire career. If he can stay healthy for 12 games, he’ll rush for 1,200 yards. Matt Barkley was sensational & Ronald Johnson was everywhere at WR. As interesting as the score is, the game was never really out of hand for USC. The got out to a 20-3 lead and each time Hawai’i would get close, USC would score a quick TD. To a degree, the offense was almost too efficient. USC averaged 0.79 points per play to the Rainbows 0.46. Hawai’i also ran 16 more plays than the Trojans. The defensive adjustments won’t take long I don’t think. USC’s LBs have to get used to running the Tampa-2 & they need a safety playing centerfield to take away deep balls. The bigger storyline here is that with Hawai’i showing this well against the Trojans, does it change the make up the game they play at Boise St. later this year?

Miami-FL 45, Florida A&M 0

Only watched the 1st half as “THE U” was up 35-0 and Randy Shannon took Jacory Harris out of the game at halftime. Miami looks really really good. Athletically they are really getting back to the days of the late-90s/early-00s when Butch Davis was the HC. Maybe it was because they were playing Florida A&M, but Miami not only looked very athletic, but they also looked huge. I don’t remember the Canes being this fast and this big in recent years. Florida A&M QB Martin Ukpai was simply overwhelmed & made a bunch of mistakes. We’ll get a better read on Miami next week when they play Ohio St. in Columbus. You can be sure Terrelle Pryor will not be intimidated by the Hurricanes defense the way Ukpai was last night. This game could have easily been 75-85 to nil.


September 3, 2010 - Posted by | Hawaii, Indiana, Miami-FL, USC

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