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ESPN’s "TWENTY" Feature

There has been a ton of content posted at various places that is worth talking about. With college football season only a couple of weeks away, things are starting to heat up which is always great for college football fans. ESPN recently did a “20 for 10” feature with some interesting articles. Here are their links along with some commentary.

ESPN has post about the 20 teams with the best chances for playing in the national championship. Andrea Adelson wrote the column & she lists Iowa #1! I don’t disagree with her analysis. Iowa has a manageable slate to be sure, but if you are looking for easy roads you can’t possibly list an SEC team! She has Alabama #4, Florida #9, Auburn #11, & Arkansas #16! Essentially what Adelson is doing is predicting which teams have the best shot at going undefeated. She has Nebraska at #6 & Oregon at #2. I love both of those, but Oregon plays at USC and that won’t be an easy one. The Ducks are also at Cal & at Oregon St. Wisconsin at #10 is too low. The Badgers get Ohio St. in Madison so their only real tough road game is against Iowa. She has Virginia Tech at #13! No way. They play Boise St. early & get road games against BC, NC State, UNC, & Miami-FL. Kudos to Adelson for picking West Virginia at #20. If they can find somebody to replace Jarrett Brown, WVU has a nice shot at 12-0. I think Adelson missed the boat with Houston. I tell you another school she should have mentioned was Missouri. The Tigers could shock some people. The Big 10 should be playing for a national title this year whether it be Ohio St., Wisconsin or Iowa. Texas has a good shot too. Adelson had them #11. The other surprise was Oklahoma at #5. That’s a bit lofty. Still, really interesting article.

Mark Schlabach gives us 20 “hot & not” things in college football for 2010. Nothing earth shattering here. I really like Schlabach though. He’s fun to read. He did mention some coaches on the hot seat and Rich Rodriguez got a couple of mentions. It’s looking more & more like Michigan is going into the tank. That’s a sad state of affairs. I think Michigan is poised for a breakout in 2011. If Rodriguez can stick around, I believe Michigan will be glad they let him.

Adelson also gives us 20 must see games for the 2010 season. These are always tough and I can’t really argue with any of Adelson’s selections. Her #1 game is Florida/Alabama. No arguments there. It’s likely a game that will determine which teams goes 12-0 and they are likely to meet again in the SEC Championship game. A few off the top of my head that she didn’t mention that I think will be really good are UConn/Michigan, West Virginia/Pittsburgh, Nevada/Boise St., Iowa/Wisconsin, Nebraska/Missouri, USC/Oregon, & Florida St./Florida. How can Adelson gives us FSU/Oklahoma and not the ‘Noles/Gators? I haven’t done an overall top-20 game list, but this was a great read. I’m telling you to watch out for the UConn/Michigan game. Big implications for an historic program.

Ivan Maisel gives us the top-20 Heisman contenders. Maisel hits the high notes here, but I’ll mention a couple he missed out on. He doesn’t list TCU QB Andy Dalton in his top-20. TCU has a legit shot at going 12-0 and forcing its way into the national championship picture. He threw for over 2700 yards last year with 23TD. He’s in the top-20. A few other QBs Maisel left out are Jacory Harris (Miami-FL), Matt Barkley (USC) & Dayne Crist (Notre Dame). Crist is the QB at Notre Dame and if HC Brian Kelly has the kind of season in South Bend he had in Cincinnati the last couple of years, Crist will garner some attention. The same with Barkley. USC is under fire, but would anyone be surprised if this team pulled off an 11-1/12-0 season? Harris could star at Miami-FL and if “THE U” gets into the national championship picture, Harris will get some attention. I think Florida’s John Brantley will deserve some hype too and don’t forget about John Clay or Scott Tolzien from Wisconsin. Another guy I like is Blaine Gabbert out of Missouri. Maisel’s top-5 are: Mark Ingram, Jake Locker, Terrelle Pryor, Christian Ponder & Jacquizz Rodgers. If I had to pick I’d take Pryor.

Schlabach comes back with a very interesting “beware of situations” article. He lists 20 of them keeping with ESPN’s “20” theme. There is a lot there & I can’t really boil it down. It’s a stats based article on certain situations during a game or when trophies are on the line. Sort of like a “splits” section for you baseball fans out there.

Adelson is back doing work with another article entitled “Who would you rather be?” There are 20 different matchups. Here are my answers:

Garrett Gilbert over John Brantley: Hey I don’t have to beat Alabama & I avoid the Tim Tebow comparisons
Mark Ingram over Trent Richardson: I already have a Heisman and a national championship
Mark Richt over Les Miles: I’d rather coach LSU, but I’d rather be Richt.
Andrew Luck over Jake Locker: Something tells me I’d like to play for Jim Harbaugh
Randy Shannon over Jimbo Fisher: It’s “THE U” baby. That’s all that needs to be said.
Rich Rodriguez over Ron Zook: Sure I might get fired, but at least I’d be a very good coach who’ll rebound
Kellen Moore over Case Keenum: At least at Boise St. I’m potentially playing for a championship
Bobby Bowden over Joe Paterno: Paterno didn’t look too hot at the Big 10 media days
Brian Kelly over Myself: Sure, I don’t have to rebuild Notre Dame, but I’m an IRISH Homer so I’d love the shot
Houston Nutt over Lane Kiffin: If I had to live in LA I’d probably just shoot myself.
Jim Delany over Mike Slive: The SEC is a joke academically. It’s more like high school.
Natural grass over artificial turf: Now you know that Adelson is reaching for material when she breaks this out
Kicker over Punter: Did I say Adelson was reaching for material?
Jerrod Johnson over Robert Griffin: I’d rather be 6’6 playing for Texas A&M than fast playing at Baylor
Nebraska over Texas: Something about Texas has always left me feeling like it was a bit artificial
Ryan Williams over Darren Evans: This is a tough one. I’ll go Williams though
Notre Dame helmet over Michigan helmet: ND is just plain gold, but it’s made with gold dust sprinkled in baby!
E.Michigan over W.Kentucky: W.Kentucky is in Kentucky right? That state is just a step up from hell
Dion Lewis over Noel Devine: I’ll take Lewis because he’s small but might have a better NFL career.


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