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I haven’t played fantasy football in years, but thought I’d give it a shot if we can get this league going. It was my cousin’s idea with me just nodding my head trying to sound smart while riding his coattails. I know this blog has experienced some increased traffic of late and if you are reading this then you are probably more of a hardcore football fan than a casual one.

So my cousin & I were kicking around ideas about fantasy football and we are going to try and set up a league that is unconventional if we can find the players. Here is what we’d like to do.

Find another 30 guys/gals.

Then for each week we draft only one offense & one defense using a snake style draft. The draft would only be 2 rounds and each player would have to draft an offense and a defense. For example, in round 1 you would take the Colts offense and in round 2 you would take the Raiders defense. You’d still have your head to head matchup with another player. If that player took the Chargers offense and the Steelers defense then you would score the game like this:

Team 1: Colts offense scored 31 points. Raiders defense allowed 27 points. TOTAL SCORE = +4
Team 2: Chargers offense scored 36 points. Steelers defense allowed 10 points. TOTAL SCORE = +26

So Team 2 would beat Team 1.

After every week we do another snake draft on TUE/WED. So we draft every week. The draft would be a snake and the order would be record first then total score. So from the above example you’d have Team 1 be 0-1 with +4 points. If Team 3 was 0-1 but +3 points, then Team 3 would draft before Team 1 in the next week’s draft.

For the draft we’d all simply submit a spreadsheet (EXCEL or whatever) ranking each offense & defense from 1 to 64. Then we’d do the draft like an autopick draft. Ideally it would be great if we could all be together for a live draft, but with 32 people it would be difficult to get everyone into some type of software supported system because we’d obviously all have different schedules.

We’d also play the league exactly like the NFL. We’d break everyone down into 8 divisions of 4 teams of 2 conferences. We’d randomly generate each player with a team. Whatever team that person is associated with randomly would determine the schedule and bye weeks along with division & conference. We figure randomizing this would be the best idea.

We would play the entire season and then after the season is completed, we go ahead and use the same playoff system as the NFL. The top 6 squads (using NFL tiebreaker rules) from each conference would then enter into the playoffs.

At this point the league would operate the same, but the playoff rules would be intact here and we’d change it. So for each conference you’d have the two best teams get a bye week leaving 8 teams playing which is like the NFL. These 8 guys would do the same serpentine draft but only have the NFL playoff teams to choose from (Obviously b/c those would be the only teams playing).

If you lose you are out. Just like the NFL playoffs.

Also the draft would be different at this point. Unlike the regular season where we are using serpentine drafts each week with the worst team picking first, in the playoffs we’d reverse it and do serpentine drafts with the BEST team picking first because we’d be rewarding who did well during the regular season.

This could obviously culminate in the Super Bowl with the final two teams picking an offense & defense from the Super Bowl participants.

My cousin & I would set up some website on blogger or wordpress for the league and we’d update the standings and what not from that point so we’d all have a point of reference. This obviously doesn’t work on conventional fantasy football sites like Yahoo or ESPN.

The only thing we’d want is for people to be faithful in submitting their draft sheets every TUE/WED so we could get all the draft taken care of, get the matchups ready & post the upcoming games on the website.

If you think this might be interesting let me know via the e-mail at the top of the blog.

Hopefully we can get 30 other guys. If we can’t and we wind up with a different number we can decide if we still want to play with that number & hopefully expand in future seasons. Obviously it works a lot better if we can mimic the NFL! If you have any buddies or coworkers that might be interested in this but don’t frequent Football Guys, feel free to let them know.

Hope to hear from some of you! I think this sounds like a really fun alternative way to play that focuses a bit more on the matchups and the teams specifically than getting bogged down in trying to figure out who is going to be the 8th best QB or the 13th best WR and when to pick them. Plus we essentially get new teams every week!


August 7, 2010 - Posted by | Fantasy Football

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