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Early Futures on the Big 10 & Notre Dame

(Edit for the addition of Ohio St.)

So far I can only find futures on BetUS for college games. Quite a few online sites have posted futures for each NFL team, but the college game is over a month away so there will be at least a little bit of delay. BetUS can get the conversation going though with their listed Big 10 teams:

Ohio St. Buckeyes

Over 10 wins (-260)
Under 10 wins (+200)

From a betting perspective, Ohio St. presents an opportunity to lay down a $1 to win $2 instead of laying down $2.60 and winning $1. Vegas clearly as Ohio St. winning the Big 10 and seriously contending for a national championships since they are almost certain that the Buckeyes will go 11-1/12-0! Can’t say I disagree. Even still, there is an argument for Ohio St. finishing up the season 9-3. They do play a talented Miami-FL team early in Columbus and have road games against Wisconsin & Iowa. If you were trying to take big time dogs for maximum value then Ohio St. wouldn’t be a horrible pick considering there are definitely 3 losses on the schedule. But only 3. In a worst case scenario. This is definitely a year where things look a bit too perfect for Ohio St. to make a significant run.

Iowa Hawkeyes

Over 8.5 wins (-165)
Under 8.5 wins (+135)

This makes sense. Iowa is loaded coming back with a fairly soft schedule when you consider they get all the tough Big 10 teams at home, especially Wisconsin & Ohio St. If they can get by Arizona & Iowa State early on in their non-conference slate, the Hawkeyes will have enough confidence to easily win 9 games if not 10-12! Vegas sees this which is why they are an overwhelming favorite to get to the 9 win mark.

Michigan Wolverines

Over 7 wins (Even)
Under 7 wins (-130)

WOW! Vegas thinks Michigan is likely to win less than 7 games meaning this is the last season for Rich Rodriguez. A lot of college football pundits think Michigan should win 8 games this season. I don’t know. I’ve been saying for awhile that a lot will depend on their first couple of games. If they can beat UConn then they’ll have a shot in South Bend. If they blow it against Connecticut (a serious possibility) then Michigan starts the year off 0-2 and might be at the point of no return.

Penn St. Nittany Lions

Over 8.5 wins (-115)
Under 8.5 wins (-115)

Looks like Vegas thinks PSU is in for an 8-4 season. I can’t say I disagree here. They have road games against Alabama, Ohio St. & Iowa which almost automatically takes them to 9-3. They don’t play Wisconsin while getting both Michigan & Michigan St. at home. Penn St. is easily within the 8-9 win range. This was probably one of the more obvious lines Vegas had to come up with.

Wisconsin Badgers

Over 9 wins (-135)
Under 9 wins (+105)

Vegas is predicting a big year for the Badgers. I am too. As far as talent is concerned there is no reason why Wisconsin shouldn’t finish the year 10-2. They play at Iowa and at home against Ohio St. which could be their only losses, but if they beat Ohio St. in Camp Randall and Iowa doesn’t show up then Wisconsin could very well be 12-0 by season’s end. The Badgers have never really capitalized on an opportunity to play for a national championship so they’ll have to get through that hurdle. They also have a road game at Michigan St. The obvious line is 9 games. Vegas thinks Wisconsin is a 10 or better win team.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Over 8 wins (Even)
Under 8 wins (-130)

Another really interesting line. Eight wins seems about right for the line. The Irish don’t have the easiest of schedules so putting the break point at 8-4 probably seems about right. Vegas certainly likes the Irish as a 7-5 or even 6-6 squad given the odds. I don’t know. I think Brian Kelly is worth a couple of wins by himself and if ND was a 7-8 win team this year with Charlie Weis then they puts them in the 9-10 win category. I’m trying hard to not to see ND with my Kelly Green colored glasses, but it’s hard not to be excited given Kelly’s track record.

BetUS does not have futures for Ohio St., Michigan St., Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Purdue or Northwestern. Typically they add teams as the summer progresses. When that happens I’ll update this page.

What we know is that Vegas (or at least BetUS) think Iowa & Wisconsin are the tops team in the Big 10. Of course Ohio St. will join these two when the odds finally come out. Vegas definitely thinks the Big 10 is a 3 horse race between the Buckeyes, Hawkeyes & Badgers.


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