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Let’s see what I have in the goody bag today!

Olin Buchanan of Rivals gives us 25 things to watch this season in college football. It’s essentially a list of milestones and possible records being broken during the upcoming season. Of note recently in this blog is the speculation that a 12-0 season by Boise St. could result in the Broncos playing in the national championship.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports gives us the inside look at LeBron James’s free agency. It is a great read and one, that in my opinion, really shows King James in a bad light. I’ll be the first to say I’ve been a big James fan, but admittedly I might have been wrong about the guy.

Great ESPN Insider article from the Football Outsiders’s Bill Barnwell ranking the NFL teams based on the talent the teams have under the age of 25. I don’t want to give too much away because it’s an Insider article, but the bottom 2 teams are the Redskins & Chargers while the top-2 teams are the Panthers & Texans. Could we be looking at a slew of Carolina/Houston Super Bowls?

Mark Schlabach gives us the 10 best grudge matches in 2010. It’s a pretty solid listed headed by Texas/Nebraska. I’m glad Schlabach put Cincinnati/Pittsburgh up there. I think that is becoming a great game. One thing I didn’t realize is how bad the blood is between Michigan & Purdue. That is very interesting. Both the Florida Gators and Miami-FL Hurricanes show up twice on this list! Florida against Alabama & Florida St., while the Canes are on against Virginia Tech & Ohio St.

This is another ESPN Insider article, but Bruce Feldman ranks the 10 best college weight rooms. A really interesting list in that it goes to show a little bit about facilities and what could attract college recruits. Again, I don’t want to give too much away, but something really interesting is that no Big 10 teams are listed! The ACC is also not represented. Notre Dame comes in at #7 while the Texas Longhorns are listed #1.

The Heisman Pundit has done his top-10 position rankings. It’s always a fun read. It’s also something I hope to do before the season begins. His top position players are: QB-Jake Locker (Washington), RB-Ryan Williams (Virginia Tech), TE-Kyle Rudolph (Notre Dame), & WR-Michael Floyd (Notre Dame). His most overrated coach? None other than Steve Spurrier at South Carolina!

ESPN had their conference bloggers rank the best 25 players in each conference. It was pretty interesting. The “supposed” best players in each conference are: QB Jerrod Johnson (Texas A&M in the Big XII), DE Adrian Clayborn (Iowa in the Big 10), RB Mark Ingram (Alabama in the SEC), DE Robert Quinn (North Carolina in the ACC), RB Dion Lewis (Pittsburgh in the Big East), RB Jacquizz Rodgers (Oregon St. in the Pac 10), and QB Kellen Moore (Boise St. for non-AQ schools). Not much I can argue there. Maybe Terrelle Pryor over Clayborn? Maybe Ryan Williams over Quinn or Andrew Luck over Rodgers? Those are really good selections.

A couple of good blurbs about Brian Kelly at Notre Dame. The first is about Kelly being a lot more aggressive in recruiting than the Charlie Weis staff. Here Kelly states he’ll win more than one national championship while at Notre Dame. Here is hoping! I love Kelly’s confidence. I don’t see why the Irish shouldn’t be competing for championships every season. At the very least ND should post 10-2 records and get into the BSC every single season.

That’s all I got today! Make sure you watch MY MAN RICKY BARNES try to get the British Open today & Sunday! He’s in contention! A couple of good rounds and Ricky might not only get his first PGA Tour win, but nab a major championship at the same time!


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