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Best Case/Worst Case: Big 10

I finished up my “best case” & “worst case” scenarios for the Big 10 conference. I thought I would post them all in one specific post instead of having them in the previews. They’ll still be in the previews for a more detailed analysis on how I came to these specific records, but for now here they are in the raw without explanation.


Ohio St. 12-0
Iowa 12-0
Michigan St. 12-0
Wisconsin 12-0
Michigan 11-1
Penn St. 10-2
Indiana 9-3
Northwestern 8-4
Illinois 7-5
Purdue 7-5
Minnesota 6-6


Ohio St. 9-3
Wisconsin 8-4
Michigan St. 7-5
Penn St. 6-6
Iowa 5-7
Michigan 4-8
Indiana 3-9
Northwestern 2-10
Illinois 1-11
Minnesota 1-11
Purdue 1-11

AVERAGE OF BEST & WORST (rounding up)

Ohio St. 11-1
Michigan St. 10-2
Wisconsin 10-2
Iowa 9-3
Michigan 8-4
Penn St. 8-4
Indiana 6-6
Northwestern 5-7
Illinois 4-8
Minnesota 4-8
Purdue 4-8

The one interesting thing I wanted to point out is that Iowa has the biggest gap between “best” & “worst”. It’s a 7-game swing which I find interesting. Their schedule really is brutal. The Big 10 teams they miss are Indiana & Purdue which are probably guaranteed wins. Their out of conference slate isn’t easy too. They should beat both Iowa St. & Arizona, but Iowa St. is a rivalry game and they travel to Tuscon. Iowa gets Ohio St., Michigan St., Wisconsin & Penn St. in Iowa City. The Hawkeyes were this close to going 12-0 last season. If they pull off a 12-0 season, there is no doubt in my mind that NO MATTER who is undefeated, Iowa deserves one of the spots for the BCS Championship game.

Nothing else really stands out as out of the ordinary. I’m pretty high on Michigan St. It certainly appears that Ohio St. & Wisconsin will be at the top along with Iowa if Iowa can navigate the schedule. Michigan & Rich Rodriguez have a legitimate shot at a very very good season. That 11-1 “best case” might be aiming for the stars, but if they get 9-10 wins, it’ll shut a lot of people up. Indiana could also have a very nice season if they can get any type of production from their defense. It looks like Minnesota might be the worst team in the conference. That’s a tough break for HC Tim Brewster. I like Brewster so I hope the people in Minneapolis don’t cut him loose if the Gophers have a bad season.


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