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Scout’s Take on Quarterbacks

Daniel Jeremiah is an NFL Scout that had scouted for the Baltimore Ravens & Cleveland Browns. I’m not sure if I have the story entirely correct, but I think he was let go by the Browns in the Eric Mangini hire and for a time period he was still being paid by Cleveland, but wasn’t scouting. He is now an area scout for the Philadelphia Eagles, but in the interim Mr. Jeremiah was an invaluable resource via his Twitter page and his website called “Move the Sticks”. He also did a “Move the Sticks” podcast which was downright amazing.

Neither his twitter page nor his website is up anymore. You also cannot find his podcast on iTunes either.

This is on par with a GREEK TRAGEDY! I’m a scout junkie so having a guy that was actually on the inside was amazing. Luckily for me I saved his podcasts on my iPod so I still listen to them all the time. The very best things Mr. Jeremiah did was take us through what a scout looks for in a particular player. I thought it would be interesting to have this information up for anyone that wanted to break down a player the way scouts do so I thought I’d post a little bit about how that works via Daniel Jeremiah’s podcast on scouting QBs.

Here is my mini-outline of it. If you are reading this Daniel, we miss you out here in football land!!!!!!!


Position Specific Qualities
1. Drop & Set-Up in Pocket
2. Throwing on the Move
3. Release
4. Pocket Awareness
5. Poise
6. Decision Making

Critical Factors
1. Arm Strength
2. Accuracy
3. Mobility
4. Mental Game Management
5. Production
6. Competitiveness/Leadership

Scout typically rate things on a 3-7 scare with the following definitions:
4-room for improvement
6-above average

A summary report is then made which is typically 12-14 sentences that describe who the QB is, what is projected role in the NFL, i.e., is he a starter or a backup, & what are the players strengths & weaknesses.

There is also somewhat of a time line involved which works out to something like this:

1. Spring Scouting – Identifying the players you’ll need to be scouting in the fall
2. In the Fall – a)see live games b)school visit (background info, talk to coaches, managers, teammates to get an idea of what type of leader the prospect is) c)watch practice d)crank out 4-5 game tapes
3. Fall Reports: due in Early December
4. All-Star Games: good time to do interviews b/c players haven’t been affected by agent coaching
5. NFL Combine: watch field workout; interview (each team allowed 60 interviews at combine)
6. Pro Day At School: Position Coach & Area Scout attend; get a feel for QB throwing to WRs he’s comfortable with, basically seeing the QB in a relaxed environment.
7. Team Visits: Team can bring prospect in to visit (teams get 30 of these); can be of critical importance
8. Personal Workouts: Typically just the QB and the team’s QB coach

The most important qualities in a QB is his poise & ability to play under pressure. Also of acute importance is a QBs desire & passion to win. These factors are more important than any physical attribute a QB might have.


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