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Of the 112 quarterbacks on NFL depth charts, 36% are either from Texas or California. California leads all states in producing NFL quarterbacks currently with 22% of NFL QBs being from California. If you expand our geographic footprint to include Ohio & Pennsylvania then 48% of all NFL QBs comes from those 4 states.

If we are looking at birthdays we find that 46% of NFL QBs were born in the months of August, January, May & September. August leads the way with 14% of NFL QBs being born in that month.

In other words if you were born in Texas/California/Pennsylvania/Ohio, were born in August/January/May/September, have the physical gifts necessary to be a quarterback & have a passion for the game of football then you have a pretty solid chance at making it in the NFL.

Malcolm Gladwell does this sort of stuff all the time in his books and it’s pretty cool. The math is a little fuzzy because you are only looking at the finished product and not looking at overall success rate which is probably a better analysis, but it can’t be that far. The point is that I was screwed from the beginning. I was born in June in the state of Indiana. I’m only 5’10” so unless I was going to be the next Doug Flutie, I’d say just about every variable was working against me.


June 23, 2010 - Posted by | Quarterbacks

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