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Houston Fighting to Get into the Big XII

A couple of teams that are dying to get into a BCS conference are both Houston & Memphis. There was an rumor over at ESPN detailing some of the goings on about Houston’s plight to potentially join the Big XII. What was most interesting is that Houston is the 3rd largest school in the state of Texas but only has approximately 2,000 people donating to the athletic department. By comparison, East Carolina has more than 7,500. Boise St. has more than 5,000.

That’s pretty interesting given how many Houston graduates there are around the area and the huge television market that is Houston. It would seem that people could care less about Houston football, but I wonder if Houston could somehow figure out a way to get their donors up would it make a difference? Big XII commissioner Dan Beebe has said the Big XII isn’t expanding to 12 team & if it did it wouldn’t take teams from the same geographic footprint.

That would seemingly eliminate teams like SMU, TCU & Houston from future Big XII consideration. On the other hand, the following teams could be candidates:

Brigham Young
Colorado St.
New Mexico
New Mexico St.

If the opportunity to add TCU & BYU arises, I think the Big XII should give it serious consideration. Seeing how Utah left the MWC already for the Pac 10, I’d be inclined to think those two schools wouldn’t mind having the added bonus of some assurances of BCS pie. Utah is already saying being a part of the Pac 10 is making a different on the recruiting trail. Despite being a bit weakened, if TCU & BYU were to join with the Big XII, I’d guess they’d see bumps in recruiting as well.

Where does that leave Houston? Nowhere unfortunately for Cougar Nation. No matter what kind of letter the legislators in Houston send to the Big XII brass, it simply won’t matter until Houston can start to operate like a big time FBS school.


June 17, 2010 - Posted by | Big XII, Houston

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