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The Big XII Survives!

It’s done. Texas, Oklahoma & Texas A&M are all sticking in the Big XII with 10 teams. I thought from the beginning that there wasn’t going to be massive realignment and so far there really hasn’t been. I thought it would be Notre Dame reading the tea leaves and joining the Big 10, keeping that conference at 12 teams with nothing much changing. I also thought that Colorado heading to the Pac 10 along with Utah seems like a decent move with TCU filling in Colorado’s spot in the Big XII.

Instead, the Big XII remains intact although Nebraska was the one to join the Big 10 and not Notre Dame. It does look like Colorado & Utah will head to the Pac 10 although right now it seems as if the Big XII will remain at 10 teams although I think adding in TCU & BYU would be good moves for the conference.

The moves are basically minor except for Nebraska leaving for the Big 10 which is a major coup for the conference itself. Speaking of the Big 10, they didn’t go to 16 teams like we all thought they would in the beginning. In fact, I doubt the Big 10 has any other ideas of expansion outside of a possibly marriage with Notre Dame if the Irish ever come around.

It sounds crazy, but I’m elated that the Big East is intact. It’s the only real league with incredible intimacy in the FBS because it is also the smallest football conference with only 8 teams. I’m deep in the heart of Big 10 country but am an incredible Big East football fan! I’m glad the conference remained intact despite the myriad rumors of its demise.

Was that a crazy week or what? Now we can get back to some semblance of normalcy. The only real remaining question is how long football will stay this way? At some point a conference is going to want to expand again and now we’ll begin to wonder………..when?


June 14, 2010 - Posted by | Big XII, Expansion

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