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Is Utah Really Headed to Pac 10?

We know the Pac 10 wants to go to 12 (if not 16) teams and with the Big XII sticking together it seems they are stuck at 11 with a search for a 12th team that could allow the conference to split into divisions and have a conference championship game.

Conventional wisdom says Utah, but should the Pac 10 go that way? I’ve read varying rumors the last few days that said if Texas A&M bolted for the SEC that the 16th team the Pac 10 would try and lure away would be Kansas and not Utah.

So the question is whether or not the Pac 10 waits it out? If this stabilization of the Big XII with 10 teams is short lived and eventually Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma & Oklahoma St. all move to the Pac 10 then wouldn’t the conference want that last spot for Kansas should Texas A&M bolt for the SEC?

That’s looking into the future a good bit and betting on the non-viability of the Big XII as a conference, but I guess that is the way you’d have to be thinking if you were the Pac 10 and wanted the 16th slot for Kansas instead of Utah. If you are the Pac 10 do you wait a couple of years on that 12th squad before making a move? Clearly not having a conference championship game isn’t hurting revenue with the Big 10 having 11 teams. Utah certainly isn’t going anywhere so what’s the harm in dragging out adding a 12th team?


June 14, 2010 - Posted by | Big XII, Expansion, Kansas, Pac 10, Utah

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