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A Few More Thoughts on Expansion

So here is the last thoughts from the Twitterati tonight:

1. TCU is not politicking against Baylor
2. If Texas A&M goes to the SEC it looks like Kansas will be in the Pac 10
3. The Pac 10 visits Texas A&M tomorrow (Sunday)
4. Texas A&M regents are on the fence about the SEC
5. It seems that the 2nd team SEC might want is Missouri, Florida St., Miami-FL, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech

I’m starting to feel like Texas A&M is eventually going to the Pac 10. It makes sense. I get why A&M would like to go to the SEC, but that’s upsetting the apple cart in Texas and really why would the SEC want to mess up a perfect situation? I guess if you can go to 14 teams with Texas A&M & Virginia Tech, but I don’t know why any top football program would want to go to the SEC? Texas A&M is a solid football program historically, but moving to the SEC West?

Hello? Now you get Alabama & LSU every year. In case A&M didn’t notice last season, there is a pretty big resurgence in Mississippi, Mississippi St., Auburn & Arkansas. In my opinion the SEC West is the most dominant division in all of college football. Forget the Big XII South. It’s the SEC West and it’s not close. Where does A&M fit in that scheme? I don’t think they are a top-3 or top-4 team. You go to the Pac 10 and get into some Pac 10 South division with Texas and you are fighting Texas & Oklahoma, but that’s about it. You are staying away from the original Pac 8 which is pretty good outside of Washington St.

And Missouri to the SEC? Are you kidding? They sucked in the Big XII. What do you think they are going to do in the SEC? Are you kidding? It would be a complete disaster.

I know it’s a money grab either way. If the SEC or Big 10 come calling, teams can’t really say no. The selling point with the Pac 10 is by expanding they can start to generate revenue like the SEC & Big 10 do through their own television network, but we don’t know for 100% surety.

Anyway, extremely interesting times! Now it’ll be interesting to see what A&M does because it will seemingly affect both Missouri & Kansas in some way or another!


June 13, 2010 - Posted by | Expansion, Texas AM

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