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Nebraska in Big 10 by 2011? Texas Leaving?

More on the rumor front. Apparently Nebraska wants to be playing in the Big 10 by 2011. Also there is a rumor that Texas will announce next Tuesday their intention to join the Pac 10.

I still think Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma & Oklahoma St. are going to follow suit giving the Pac 10 the 16 schools.

Another interesting note is that Texas was thinking about being in Pac 10 play for 2012, but that could change if Nebraska is playing in the Big 10 by 2011. That definitely could speed up the time table for a Pac 16 to be up and running a year from now.

One thing to keep in mind here is that we are looking at a money grab, but also note that we should be thinking about all this TV revenue in regards to payout per school. This is why Notre Dame wanted to keep the Big 10 at 12 squads if they did decide to join. That ship might have sailed for the Irish with Nebraska on board, but it’s certainly possible for the Big 10 to stop at 14 teams if they do decide to join instead of being 1 of 16.

The money payouts in a future “Pac 16” are only speculation at this point. Nobody really knows how it’s going to work and initially the schools might not see profit as it took the Big 10 Network a couple of years to really get going. Splitting the money 16 ways would obviously decrease pay per school.

This is also something to think about regarding possibly expansion by the SEC. Right now the SEC has television payouts about on par with the Big 10, but the SEC is still dividing it up 12 ways. A lot of people are talking about how the SEC could invite teams like Georgia Tech, Florida St., Miami-FL & possibly Virginia Tech to make the SEC itself a super conference.

The problem is that with Florida already in the conference and as high profile as they are, would the SEC see a dramatic increase in TV payouts by adding FSU & Miami? What about Georgia Tech? They already have Georgia. Maybe Virginia Tech could add revenue, but the Hokies are in Blacksburg and at best they are hoping to bring in Baltimore? Washington D.C.? At that point you are fighting the Big East, Maryland, North Carolina & Duke. Maybe it doesn’t increase revenue all that much.

An odd scenario might be the dissolution of the Big XII but the MWC being their to pick up the pieces. The SEC, ACC & Big East stay the same. Notre Dame keeps independent status. The Big 10 sticks at 12 teams. The Pac 10 does go to the Pac 16, but the MWC absorbs Kansas, Kansas St., Iowa St. & Baylor giving them 14 squads. They offer up invitations to Fresno St. & Nevada and I think you could basically keep the Big 6 conferences in the BCS along with Notre Dame and nothing really changes.

Things keep changing by the hour.


June 11, 2010 - Posted by | Nebraska, Texas


  1. Have you heard anything along the lines of Boston College to the Big Ten. I have not, but they seem like they would be a great fit. They bring a large tv market in Boston. They are above average in both football and basketball. In additions they are a great academic school. What are your thoughts.

    I also find it interesting that Kansas has basic been tossed around like chopped liver, but they are one of the most storied programs in college basketball. They don't bring a large tv market but they do bring tradition.

    Big Timber

    Comment by Anonymous | June 12, 2010 | Reply

  2. I have never heard any comments about BC leaving the ACC. It isn't going to happen.

    I'm starting hear rumors however that Kansas might end up in the new Pac 16. If Texas A&M joins the SEC then Kansas would be the Big XII team to place them.

    There was thought that Utah might be that team but I don't see it. I'd expect the MWC to absorb the remaining Big XII squads once the Pac 10 gets done with that conference.

    We know Texas is going to the Pac 10. If Texas goes then you know that Texas Tech, Oklahoma, & Oklahoma St. are going.

    The only question remaining is where A&M lands.

    Note also that college football moves the meter. What this has conclusively proved is that college basketball ranks right up there with women's volleyball as far as the schools are concerned.

    Kansas football is horrible so they really don't have a seat at the table. The thing is that I don't think them having to move to the Mountain West would be an awful deal. Basketball wise they would probably dominate and for recruits they might take a hit, but the MWC wouldn't be a horrific basketball conference either. Baylor & Kansas are legitimately Final 4 caliber squads. BYU was really good last year. Utah has a prety good history. UNLV has a good history. Missouri is really good right now and they seems to be not headed to the Big 10 afterall. Kansas St. got to the Elite 8 last season.

    I don't think the MWC is a bad alternative for basketball either if it comes to that.

    Comment by College Football Mafia | June 12, 2010 | Reply

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