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Boise St. to the Mountain West!

Ahhhhh, you knew it wouldn’t be long. Bruce Feldman of ESPN just tweeted that the MWC has added Boise St. to be it’s 10th member.

This is solid work by the MWC. We know the Mountain West wants BCS status and now the conference boasts of TCU, Utah, BYU & Boise St.. I really liked the MWC before, but now I’m starting to love it! The conference breaks down now to:

Air Force
Boise St.
Colorado St.
New Mexico
San Diego St.

The interesting thing in all of this is that the MWC is poised to really become a BCS conference that replaces a dissolved Big XII. With only 10 teams currently and no conference championship game this presents and opportunity for the MWC to schedule like the Pac 10 does with 9 conference games and 3 non-conference opponents. This obviously helps teams like Boise St., Utah, BYU & TCU because now if a team were to navigate a schedule that gives them a 12-0 (or 13-0 record if they schedule a 4th non-conference game) then it’ll be harder for the BCS to ignore them for a possible slot in the championship game.

Of course it won’t matter if the MWC gets BCS status. You can’t exactly ignore a 13-0 BCS conference team which TCU, Boise St., BYU & Utah are capable of.

This certainly sets up a situation where if the Big XII dissolves, teams like Kansas St., Kansas, Baylor & Iowa St. could potentially join the MWC giving it 14 teams. That leaves enough room for both Fresno St. & Nevada, a couple of teams I’d like to see join to give the MWC the super conference status of 16 teams.

Anyway, the move is effective for 2011 so this is Boise’s last season in the WAC it would seem.


June 11, 2010 - Posted by | Boise St., Mountain West

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