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And The Rumor Mill Keeps Turning!

CRAZY CRAZY stuff today. Here is what I have sort of pieced together from just this morning.

1. Texas & Texas A&M aren’t on the same page. Texas A&M would rather go to the SEC. Texas would like to either go to the Pac 10 or stay in the Big XII. The compromise? Join the Big 10!

This one is crazy! The Big 10 would move up to 14 teams with the additions of Texas & Texas A&M. Bring in Notre Dame for 15 and that means the Big 10 will probably either bring in Rutgers, Syracuse or Maryland for team #16 and be done with it. That’s massive chaos. Not only is the Big XII gutted but the Pac 10 expansion isn’t really there the way we thought it might be. Talk about a football conference though! GOOD NIGHT! The Big 10 is already pretty spectacular with Michigan, Ohio St., Penn St., Iowa & Wisconsin. Now add in Nebraska, Notre Dame, Texas & Texas A&M!

The one thing I don’t understand in all of this is that it’ll cost Texas & Texas A&M quite a bit in travel costs for games. I don’t know if this is true for not but there apparently is some concern for the baseball programs? That seems odd to me. Anyway.

2. Texas A&M goes to the SEC & Texas goes to the Pac 10

Sort of a weird one really. The two Texas schools split. Some rivalries really get destroyed here. Nebraska/Oklahoma is sort of gone. Nebraska/Texas is gone. It’s odd in a way. This would effectively end Texas/Texas A&M in some regard. This works for A&M because they get out of Texas’ shadow and then has a great recruiting tool against the Longhorns by offering their players the chance to play in the SEC.

The other interesting aspect of that is supposedly the SEC would offer Virginia Tech to get them to 14 squads and the Hokies don’t want to go.

3. Texas & Oklahoma go to the SEC

You thought the SEC was tough now? Try throwing in the Longhorns & Sooners. Texas doesn’t want to go to the SEC so I don’t see this one happening.

4. Big XII keeping on and adding 2 of the following 3 teams: BYU/Houston/TCU

If they were to add BYU & TCU I think this makes some sense. The problem with all this in my opinion is that I like the BCS but I also think some of the allure is that the mid-major conference teams can make a run at it. I’m not a fan of Boise St. but it’s interesting to see them fight for a spot in the BCS. The same for BYU, Utah, TCU, Nevada & Fresno St. There are a handful of teams not in the Big-6 that are fun to watch. Colorado St. is one of my favorite squads. East Carolina is always fun to watch. If the Big XII stays the same and adds BYU & TCU and the Pac 10 invites Utah to be its 12th team then essentially you get 3 of those “mid-major” squads into a BCS conference and that helps. There are still some of the mid-majors in the WAC/MWC/CUSA but you can’t win them all.

So far that’s what we have today. Crazy stuff!


June 11, 2010 - Posted by | ACC, Big 10, Big East, Big XII, Expansion, Pac 10, SEC

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