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Kirk Herbstreit on Expansion in the Big 10

Teddy Greenstein of Chicago Breaking Sports has an article with a bunch of Kirk Herbstriet quotes regarding Nebraska, expansion & The Big 10. Some of the cool ones are:

The addition of Nebraska, Herbstreit said, will be a “huge coup. Big Ten fans should be elated. There’s something so cool about that red ‘N’ on the white helmet. And when you think about Nebraska playing teams like Penn State or Michigan or Ohio State, it’s something special.”

and then this one:

The big fish, though, would be Notre Dame, and Herbstreit believes it’s time for the Irish to join the Big Ten.

“I think Notre Dame has to,” he said. “And I’m not a Notre Dame hater, just a Notre Dame realist. When you look across the landscape and where we are headed, it becomes very important for them to align themselves with one of these power conferences.”

Why? Because, Herbstreit argued, Notre Dame would increase its revenues by joining a conference ($20 million per Big Ten school vs. $12-$13 million from its annual football contract with NBC) and could secure its future in an uncertain BCS world.

The more I think about Nebraska to the Big 10 the more I like it. Nebraska is a monster football program. It’s one of the most winningest college football programs in the nation and adding it to the Big 10 is incredible. To be honest, I wasn’t really for expansion unless the Irish jumped to the Big 10 and the conference called it a day with 12 teams, but if they can snare ND, Nebraska and either Rutgers/Maryland, then I’m OK with it going to 14 squads. If I could have Notre Dame, Nebraska & Pittsburgh as the 3 teams then I would think the Big 10 is in a perfect situation, but grabbing Maryland/Rutgers would be pretty sweet too.

Herbstreit is right about the Irish too. I don’t see how they stay independent. The one historical footnote to all of this will be whether it was a good decision for ND to wait as long as they did. They could have pulled the trigger on joining the Big 10 for the last 10-years plus and could have kept the conference at 12 teams and avoided college football mayhem. Instead they diddled around and now the Big 10 will AT LEAST go to 14 I think when the dust settles if not 16 which is what ND wanted to avoid.

That my friends is an example of consequences of being reactive instead of proactive.


June 10, 2010 - Posted by | Big 10, Expansion, Nebraska, Notre Dame

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