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Nebraska, Notre Dame & The End of the Big East

It now looks all but done that Nebraska will be the first team to jump ship. I’ve always read that Nebraska essentially hated being in the same conference as the Texas schools so who knows? The bottom line for Notre Dame is that the Big 10 isn’t sticking at just 12 schools if ND does decide to join. Nebraska will be the 12th school and so it goes.

There is speculation that the Big 10 could go to just 14 schools to placate ND just a bit. They could add Nebraska, Notre Dame & Rutgers which would put the Big 10 to 14 squads which is better than 16 but not quite as good as 12.

If the Big 10 goes to only 14 and snags Rutgers, Notre Dame & Nebraska, the college football landscape might not be completely destroyed. TCU could easily fill the void for a departing Nebraska. I don’t know who the Big East could lure away to join, but I’m sure an East Carolina or Memphis wouldn’t be too hard to convince to join. The Big East would also get Memphis as a basketball school which could workout for everyone involved.

I’m still holding out hope that the Big 10 gets Notre Dame and that’s the end of it. It sounds really odd, but the biggest victim here in my opinion is Big East football. I simply love the conference the way it is constructed right now and I like the games between the squads even if it’s not exactly the caliber of the SEC or Pac 10.

Unfortunately I think this is just the beginning. If Nebraska jumps I bet the Big XII South (minus Baylor) jumps to the Pac 10 along with Colorado. The Big 10 will expand pretty heavily which pretty much destroys the Big XII & Big East at large. Fiutak could still be right in this alignment picture, but wow would it be odd.


June 9, 2010 - Posted by | Big East, Expansion, Nebraska, Notre Dame


  1. A couple of things:
    1) Why is Pitt not more in the discussions? I would love to see Pitt join the Big Ten! How much better would the Big Ten be to add Nebraska, ND, and Pitt!?!?

    2) Did you see the articles on USC likely punishment from the Reggie Bush era? It couldn't happen to a better program.

    I hope you are doing well!

    Later, Big Timber

    Comment by Anonymous | June 10, 2010 | Reply

  2. Timber,

    I've been wondering where you've been.

    To answer your question, Pitt is no longer in the discussion because the Big 10 doesn't believe it adds anything to the TV markets. From what I've read, DeLaney now feels like the Big 10 is good enough in the Pittsburgh market with Penn St. on board.

    Pitt to me seems like an obvious choice. Bringing in Pittsburgh, Notre Dame & Nebraska to make it a 14-team league seems like a pretty sweet deal.

    It's not happening though I think. Especially if ND is in.

    Here is my take. If Nebraska pulls the trigger before ND gets its act together, we'll see Nebraska join. After that, I think we'll see the Pac 10 raid the B12 for their 6 teams. Then ND will HAVE TO jump to the Big 10 and hope the B10 holds it to 14. If that does happen and the B10 takes 3 it'll be Nebraska, Notre Dame & Rutgers. Rutgers gives them the NYC/NJ market although I think that is faulty reasoning b/c Rutgers isn't a big player in the NYC market if you ask me. New Jersey maybe? I know Rutgers is a massive school and maybe being in the Big 10 raise the profile a bit.

    You are right though from a purely football standpoint. If we could add only 3 I'd take ND, Nebraska & Pittsburgh……..assuming we couldn't get Texas which I don't think will happen given their tie ins with A&M and Texas Tech.

    Comment by College Football Mafia | June 10, 2010 | Reply

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