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Mock NFL Draft by Bloggers

ESPN had their NFL bloggers do a mock draft and it was pretty interesting. Things are pretty slow around the world of football outside of the NFL Draft which is this weekend. I have to admit that I’m more excited about this draft than I usually am about NFL drafts. Maybe it’s because I’m blogging about football or because I’m following college football a bit more closely. Let’s talk about the picks! I will also include who Daniel Jeremiah of Move the Sticks has in his updated Mock Draft.

#1 – Rams – Sam Bradford/QB/Oklahoma (Jeremiah has Bradford)

St. Louis releasing Marc Bulger all but sealed the deal for Bradford going #1. Who is St. Louis going to start? AJ Feely? Keith Null? The Rams need to start over and grabbing Bradford at least lets the fan base know that they want a franchise player under center. Mark Sanchez, Matt Stafford, Matt Ryan & Joe Flacco have shown that 1st year QBs starting doesn’t necessarily have to be horrible. The Rams will give the keys to Bradford and hope for the best.

#2 – Lions – Ndamukong Suh/DT/Nebraska (Jeremiah has Suh)

The Lions certainly need help on the D-Line. They got a lot of time from Sammie Lee Hill last season, but Hill, who has size (6’4/331lbs) but lacks experience could use somebody helping him which certainly could be Suh. Interestingly enough, Landon Cohen (6’3/300lbs) is pretty big in the middle and was good against the run last season. There is speculation that Detroit might not want to give #2 pick money to a DT which could make guys like Russell Okung & Trent Williams enter into the discussion. I think Suh is the right pick as if you are this early in the draft you have to go with best player which Suh clearly is.

#3 – Bucs – Gerald McCoy/DT/Oklahoma (Jeremiah has McCoy)

This pick is as obvious as St. Louis’ #1 pick. Tampa Bay will take either Suh or McCoy and be happy to have him. Their interior defensive line last season was atrocious. Tampa would rather have Suh, but McCoy is drawing comparisons to Warren Sapp and I think he worked out well for the Bucs!

#4 – Redskins – Russell Okung/OT/Oklahoma St. (Jeremiah has Okung)

The first 4 projected picks all come from the Big XII. Levi Jones was brutal at LT for the Skins last season in 9 games and essentially Washington needs to upgrade the O-Line in a big way. This is even more important with Mike Shannahan as head coach. With Washington grabbing Donovan McNabb, Washington has to go LT which means Okung who is the best LT in the draft. He’ll be protecting blindside. I guess Trent Williams or Bryan Bulaga could be here too, but Okung is the best LT right now.

#5 – Chiefs – Eric Berry/S/Tennessee (Jeremiah has Bryan Bulaga)

Instant playmaker, Berry has the speed to play corner but can lay the wood like a safety. A lot of people are saying he can be the type of player that Ed Reed, Troy Polamalu or Bob Sanders can be. He’s probably the best overall football player in the draft and while safeties don’t normally go this high, KC will grab him as they desperately need playmakers on the defensive side of the ball. I’ve seen quite a few mock drafts with KC taking Iowa LT Bryan Bulaga as he seems like a Scott Pioli type of guy, but how could you pass on Berry at this spot with Okung already gone? Daniel Jeremiah thinks Bulaga is the pick here. At this point I still think you have to go best player available and Berry is certainly that.

#6 – Seahawks – Trent Williams/OT/Oklahoma (Jeremiah has Berry)

This is somewhat of a wild card here in my opinion. Seattle certainly needs help at LT which makes the Williams pick here seem like a no-brainer but Pete Carroll loves defense and I think a freak like Jean-Pierre Paul might sneak up here for the Seahawks. There are also defensive players like Joe Haden, Earl Thomas, Dan Williams & Rolando McClain that could go this high. I don’t think Williams or McClain would be the pick but Seattle could use both Haden & Thomas. Still, LT is a big time position that you get early in the 1st round typically so grabbing Williams here makes sense if Berry is indeed gone. If the Chiefs pass then Seattle jumps on him.

#7 – Browns – Earl Thomas/S/Texas (Jeremiah has Joe Haden)

Eric Wright wasn’t very good in 2009 so I can see where Jeremiah would think Haden to go along with Brandon McDonald, but I like the thinking of taking Thomas here to go along with Brodney Pool. Pool is more of a coverage safety while Thomas has the ability to crash the box and make big plays against the run while also having the speed to drop back. He’s a pretty big hitter. Mangini is going to build the defense up, but playing a 3-4 sort of disqualifies Dan Williams & Jason Pierre-Paul.

#8 – Raiders – Bryan Bulaga/LT/Iowa (Jeremiah has Jason Pierre-Paul)

From a standpoint of running your team the right way, with the way the ESPN draft is going, Bulaga is the no doubt obvious pick here, but we are talking Al Davis and the Raiders so who knows what’s going on. Being this high up in the draft and having possibly the worst LT in the NFL last season in Mario Henderson puts Bulaga in the crosshairs. Pierre-Paul is a physical freak which we know is Oakland M.O. for the most part.

#9 – Bills – Jimmy Clausen/QB/Notre Dame (Jeremiah has Trent Williams)

Daniel Jeremiah doesn’t have Clausen going in the 1st round. If anyone was worse at offensive tackle other than Oakland, it might have been Buffalo. The problem here is that Bulaga, Williams & Okung are gone in the ESPN draft while Jeremiah would still have Williams available here. I think Clausen is the pick for the same reasons St. Louis has to take Bradford. Trent Edwards & Ryan Fitzpatrick aren’t the answers. Buffalo could go a lot of different ways here. They definitely need help at LT but they could use help at CB and even DE. If Joe Haden, Jason Pierre-Paul, Trent Williams & Jimmy Clausen are all here, which way do they go?

#10 – Jaguars – Rolando McClain/LB/Alabama (Jeremiah has C.J. Spiller)

The thought here with McClain is that Jax would move him to MLB and shift Daryl Smith outside giving the Jaguars a ridiculous LB trio of Smith, McClain & Justin Durant. The Jags could also use some help in the secondary so if Joe Haden isn’t off the board yet it sort of makes sense to grab him. Jacksonville’s pick of McClain only takes a very good front-7 and makes it an exceptional front-7. The secondary could definitely use the help. Eric Berry & Earl Thomas are already gone. Daniel Jeremiah says Spiller to give Jax a quasi-Carolina feel with Spiller and Jones-Drew the same way Carolina has Jonathan Stewart & DeAngelo Williams. I love McClain though.

#11 – Broncos – Dez Bryant/WR/Oklahoma St. (Jeremiah has Earl Thomas)

Thomas is long gone in the ESPN mock although if he’s around he’d be a solid pick for Denver. Dez Bryant is the no-brainer here now that Denver got rid of Brandon Marshall. Denver also traded TE Tony Scheffler so Kyle Orton is going to need somebody to throw the ball to. Bryant is by far the best WR in the draft and a lot of scouts think he’s more advanced at this point than Michael Crabtree was at the same point last season. I don’t think Haden would be a bad pick here either. Neither would McClain, but McClain is gone and in this ESPN mock, Haden isn’t as high as I’ve seen in other drafts. With no Marshall, Bryant seems like the obvious pick here for a team that doesn’t need a ton of upgrading.

#12 – Dolphins – Dan Williams/DT/Tennessee (Jeremiah has Williams)

The 6’3/330lbs Williams can be a true DT in a 3-4 scheme and Miami desperately needs the position filled. Pretty much a no-brainer that the ESPN mock and Jeremiah both agree on. All the teams running a 3-4 ahead of Miami won’t take Williams which allows the big guy to drop to Miami. I also think Carlos Dunlap could be interesting here if Miami dropped him back to playing OLB in the 3-4 scheme. Maybe Bill Parcells has visions of Lawrence Taylor dancing in his head and takes Dunlap. I would also think a guy like Derrick Morgan or Brandon Graham to fill in at OLB would be interesting. Still, you don’t pass up the best NT in the draft when you have the need there.

#13 – 49ers – C.J. Spiller/RB/Clemson (Jeremiah has Rolando McClain)

I don’t get McClain here given how good SF was at LB here. If Joe Haden is available here is another spot for him. It’s interesting that the top CB is lasting this long in the ESPN mock draft while Jeremiah has Haden as a top-7 pick which makes the most sense. I think an OT makes sense here too which means Anthony Davis most likely, but a lot of teams are going to 2-back sets and having Spiller & Frank Gore at tailback could be pretty devastating for the 49ers.

#14 – Seahawks – Derrick Morgan/DE/Georgia Tech (Jeremiah has Dez Bryant)

Bryant is gone at this point and Seattle needs big time help at defensive end. Jason Pierre-Paul is still out there in the ESPN mock draft, but I could see Pete Carroll and the Seahawks going Morgan here as a more polished commodity at this point. Carroll isn’t going to let the first round go by without getting a defensive building block which Morgan could be. If the 49ers go offensive tackle or they don’t take Spiller at all, he makes a lot of sense for a Seattle team desperate for playmakers. Still, if Seattle walks away from the first round with Trent Williams & Derrick Morgan, it’ll have been a monumental success.

#15 – Giants – Mike Iupati/OG/Idaho (Jeremiah has Derrick Morgan)

Rolando McClain would be the obvious pick here for the Giants, but he’s a goner by the time it gets to #15. It’s a bit too high to take Missouri LB Sean Witherspoon and probably way too high to take South Carolina LB Eric Norwood. Both could be potential answers up the middle at MLB for the Giants. Iupati can step in for the departed Rich Seubert and help New York regain some stability with a running game that was somewhat disappointing in 2009. They could use some help at CB or safety. Haden is still here but probably nobody on safety to take. This seems pretty darn high for an offensive guard. Jeremiah has Derrick Morgan as another rusher to give NYG even more depth up front. He’s gone in the ESPN mock draft but if so why not Brandon Graham here? I don’t get the Iupati pick.

#16 – Titans – Brandon Graham/DE/Michigan (Jeremiah has Graham)

Jeremiah says that Graham is the defensive rookie of the year if he lands in a Titans uniform. The Titans could certainly use some help at corner and amazingly Joe Haden is still on the board in the ESPN mock draft, but the ESPN blogger goes Brandon Graham. It makes sense really. Tennessee is fairly set at a lot of positions. Their early season demise still included a late playoff run that came up just short. This isn’t a team on the rebuild and Graham makes them scary on defense.

#17 – 49ers – Anthony Davis/LT/Rutgers (Jeremiah has Carlos Brown/OT/USC)

In the ESPN scenario the 49ers still get Davis at tackle which is a big need. Jeremiah has Davis going later in the 1st round, & goes with Brown to fill an enormous need for the Niners at LT. Getting Spiller & Davis would be a major coup for San Francisco. I don’t think Davis is going to be as good as Michael Oher who SF passed on last season to grab Michael Crabtree, but SF needed the wideout and they wouldn’t have been able to snag Dez Bryant this season.

#18 – Steelers – Joe Haden/CB/Florida (Jeremiah has Iupati)

The ESPN mock describes this as a dream scenario for Pittsburgh and I don’t see how the best cover corner in the draft falls to #18!? If Pittsburgh stays at #18 and wants a corner they are going to have to possibly go with Kyle Wilson or Devin McCourty. If Haden is available then this pick is obvious but I get the need for Iupati too. The Steelers don’t need much but CB and OG are a couple of needs they could address.

#19 – Falcons – Jason Pierre-Paul/DE/South Florida (Jeremiah has Maurkice Pouncey)

The Falcons could go a number of different ways. Putting Pierre-Paul opposite John Abraham gives Atlanta a pretty dynamic pair of ends to wreak havoc on a QB. Grabbing a center at #19 seems a bit high to me as Jeremiah suggests, but I could see it. Atlanta could use help in the secondary as well.

#20 – Texans – Ryan Mathews/RB/Fresno St. (Jeremiah has Kareem Jackson/CB)

Houston is either going to go cornerback or running back here. I just don’t get giving up on Steve Slaton this quick. In 2008 he had an incredible year as a rookie RB and then last season he wasn’t so hot, but the guy was considered a top-7 or top-8 fantasy back heading into 2009 and now Houston is picking out his replacement just two years after drafting him? Football is fickle to be sure, but wow! I think Houston goes CB which means McCourty, Wilson or Jackson as Jeremiah suggests. They do play in the same division as Peyton Manning.

#21 – Bengals – Jermaine Greshem/TE/Oklahoma (Jeremiah has Greshem)

It’s interesting with the hype around the Bengals taking a TE to work with Carson Palmer. The TE position has never been one that is used very often with the Bengals. Not only that, but Cincinnati took Chase Coffman last season. Not as dynamic a receiver as Greshem, Coffman is pretty good himself although the Bengals don’t really know what they have because Coffman broke his foot last season and never got on the field. The Bengals have massive problems along their defensive line which seems like a better place to start with the draft. Jared Odrick, Jerry Hughes, Terrence Cody & Carlos Dunlap don’t seem like bad options here.

#22 – Patriots – Sergio Kindle/LB/Texas (Jeremiah has Ryan Mathews)

I love the Kindle pick here. The Patriots don’t really need much. Maybe a CB could help which would put guys like Wilson, McCourty & Jackson into play. They could use a safety but I don’t see NE using a 1st round pick on that position. That leaves LB which you know Bill Belichick was frustrated with last season. Jerod Mayo is a dynamic LB already and we know that Belichick loves his LB corps which makes Kindle and obvious choice who can pretty much do anything on a football field. Mathews is interesting but when has New England been overly reliant on RB? Plus in the ESPN mock, Mathews is gone already to Houston.

#23 – Packers – Charles Brown/OT/USC (Jeremiah has Kyle Wilson/CB)

Green Bay has some serious needs at OT & CB. Just look at the games against the Vikings and you’ll see a big need for both positions. Taking a look at the playoff loss to Arizona shows how much they need a CB. Either way Green Bay helps the cause a bit. I’m inclined to agree with Jeremiah here on a CB. I really like Charles Brown but elite corners are 1st round material while GB can probably pick up a decent tackle in the 2nd or 3rd rounds especially given the fact that some people feel as if Brown is somewhat of a project.

#24 – Eagles – Kyle Wilson/CB/Boise St. (Jeremiah has Devin McCourty/CB)

Philly needs a corner badly but can also use help at LB. Both mock drafts have them landing a CB and if Wilson gets here then Philly will be thanking their lucky stars. McCourty is a nice option too. The Eagles will worry about LB later. They’ll stick with corner to start things off.

#25 – Ravens – Jared Odrick/DT/Penn St. (Jeremiah has Rob Gronkowski/TE)

I don’t get the Odrick pick. I like it a lot given the age of Baltimore’s defensive line but I really like the idea of Baltimore adding Gronkowski to the offense. Like Jeremiah says, Gronkowski is an absolute beast of a specimen if he can get his back healthy. Todd Heap is gone and Flacco needs help with guys who can catch the ball. Flacco’s arm is too big not to surround him with playmakers. Ray Rice is a beast and giving Flacco some young playmakers would be a godsend. Essentially the Ravens are now getting a Ravens team that Brian Billick always wanted offensively!

#26 – Cardinals – Sean Witherspoon/LB/Missouri (Jeremiah has Jerry Hughes/LB)

I like Hughes a lot better than Witherspoon. The Witherspoon pick is made with the idea of replacing Karlos Dansby but I like Hughes as an outside pass rusher for the Cardinals.

#27 – Cowboys – Devin McCourty/CB/Rutgers (Jeremiah has Anthony Davis)

The Cowboys could go a lot of different ways here. They could got OT, S, CB or DL and I think McCourty makes some sense. There has been talk that the Cowboys might take Indiana tackle Rodger Saffold with this pick as Dallas needs somebody to replace Flozell Adams. Davis is gone by this time and I’ve read where Dallas might want to trade out of this pick. They could take Taylor Mays too although I wouldn’t if I were Dallas. I like the OT idea a lot more than corner.

#28 – Chargers – Terrance Cody/DT/Alabama (Jeremiah has Jared Odrick)

Odrick is gone here but Odrick here is a no-brainer if he’s still around. SD needs help with their interior defensive line and Mount Cody certainly brings enough body to plug up the holes. At 6’5/370lbs, there isn’t anyone in the draft bigger than Cody and he certainly fills a huge need with the Chargers. Running back is also a pretty big need for San Diego but with Ryan Mathews off the board and a lot of RBs in the class, taking a D-Lineman (whether Cody or Odrick) makes the most sense.

#29 – Jets – Taylor Mays/S/USC (Jeremiah has Demaryius Thomas/WR)

I FREAKIN’ LOVE DEMARYIUS THOMAS! Completely underutilized at Georgia Tech and overshadowed a bit because Calvin Johnson came out of GT as well. This definitely gives the Jets yet another weapon and Thomas has the ability to grow into a big time #1 receiver. Rex Ryan is too smart to draft Taylor Mays. Mays is a hitter to be sure but he’s not exceptionally fast or agile either. The safety spot doesn’t make any sense for the Jets here. Plus, under Ryan the Jets are going to be risk takers and Thomas is a go for it all pick here. I love what Daniel Jeremiah is thinking here.

#30 – Vikings – Maurkice Pouncey/C/Florida (Jeremiah has Jahvid Best/RB)

With Adrian Peterson I don’t think the Vikings go RB although I see Jeremiah’s logic behind the move. Peterson is great but imagine if he had a great interior offensive line? The Vikings could use some serious help at CB. When Antonie Winfield got injured it was pass as often as you can against a porous Vikings secondary. Kareem Jackson is still on the board here for Minnesota, but I can’t argue against Pouncey who should be a very good C or G at the NFL level.

#31 – Colts – Jerry Hughes/LB/TCU (Jeremiah has Rodger Saffold/OT/Indiana)

Bill Polian has made it known that he doesn’t much care for the O-Line of the Colts. I cannot imagine Indy taking Hughes, but then again Indy has needed help defensively for I don’t know how many drafts and the Colts keep taking offensive players. Now that we are thinking O-Line help, Polian might start drafting for defense! If Pouncey falls to Indy then he’s the obvious pick here. If not I’d think Saffold and even possibly Gronkowski if he falls. Don’t be surprised with a possible Tim Tebow pick here.

#32 – Saints – Carlos Dunlap/DE/Florida (Jeremiah has Sean Witherspoon)

New Orleans is going to draft somebody to help their front-7.

All in all I think the mock drafts are pretty interesting! Can’t wait to see what happens on Saturday!


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