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Big 10: Best Basketball Conference

A lot of people like to take shots at the Big 10, but let’s take a look at how the Big 6 conferences stack up after the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament.


1. Big Ten: 7-2 (-)
2. SEC: 4-1 (1 GB)
3. Pac 10: 3-1 (1.5 GB)
4. Big XII: 7-5 (1.5 GB)
5T. Big East: 6-6 (2.5GB)
5T. ACC: 5-5 (2.5GB)

# of Teams in Sweet 16

1. Big Ten = 3
2T. Big XII = 2
2T. Big East = 2
2T. SEC = 2
5T. ACC = 1
5T. Pac 10 = 1

Right now it sure does seem like the Big 10 was very much underrated while the ACC & Big East have been very much overrated. I think the Big 10 gets a team to the Final 4 and I think they have a really good shot at getting 2 teams to the Elite 8.

The Big 10 has to be feeling pretty good about this tournament so far. Minnesota lost in the 1st round which stings a bit, but they lost to Xavier who is now in the Sweet 16. Wisconsin struggled all tournament, but Cornell is a Sweet 16 team. Not a bad showing at all. Michigan St. got a great win over Maryland while Purdue got a great win over Texas A&M to get both teams into the Sweet 16.


March 21, 2010 - Posted by | Basketball, Big 10, March Madness

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