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Book Review: The Boxing Scene

Wanted to get a quick review of Thomas Hauser’s The Boxing Scene up really quick. This book caught my eye along with The Last Great Fight so I read them together.

Hauser has been writing about boxing for a long time and if you pick up a book of his you’ll see why. Simply put, once you start you can’t put this book down. Admittedly I’m a boxing fan and it’s a sport I wish I followed more closely. There is something rather spartan about the sport that I love. Plus I’ve been told my whole life how fast my hands are so instead of playing baseball during the first 20 years of my life, maybe I should have been practicing the sweet science. Instead I can swing a baseball bat really fast! Where did that get me!

It might not have been a bad spot. When I was in middle school, I’d say I went to the worst middle school in the city that I grew up in, I got in the middle of a fight and this kid that outweighed me by I’d say 20lbs leaned in and cold cocked me right across the jaw.

No kidding, I didn’t even move. I don’t think I blinked either. The kid wasn’t pissed at me, but I simply was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The kid actually meant to hit somebody else, but that day taught me I could definitely take a punch. Anyway, maybe I should have boxed. I never got into many fights. I was sort of a big kid to begin with and fairly muscular. By the time I really started to get into weight training and got up to around 205lbs and 6% bodyfat, nobody really wanted to fight anymore.

Back to the book, it’s a great one. It’s a collection of articles that Hauser has written about boxing. I think all the articles are written from 2007 so it’s a fairly current book regarding boxing although a little dated. It was published in 2009. There are about 40 or so essays and I thought each one was great. I never was flipping to the next section or bored with any of it. If anything it has only increased by interest in boxing.

I won’t go into crazy detail about the articles but my favorites included writing about:

John Duddy
The Floyd Mayweather/Oscar De La Hoya fight
Shannon Briggs
Anything with Kelly Pavlik
Vinny Maddalone
Anything with Ricky Hatton
Jack Dempsey (great article by Hauser covering some Dempsey history)
A Boxing Fan Looks at Mixed Martial Arts
Bob Sheridan
Why there are fewer good trainers than before
If Boxing ruled Baseball
Tempest Storm
Boxers Rate the Writers
Larry Merchant

Those were subjects my favorite articles were written about. All of them were great. Go read it. Hauser does a great job, but from what I’ve read about the guy, you shouldn’t expect anything less than excellence. I can’t wait to read more of his stuff.


March 19, 2010 - Posted by | Book Review, Boxing

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