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OT – Favorite Baseball Players

With Nomar Garicaparra retiring yesterday and Greg Maddux retiring last season, I’m all out of favorite players in baseball save one: Chipper Jones! But even Chipper is getting up there. Jones will be in his age-38 season in 2010 and I can only imagine him having 3-4 more years in baseball. He’s already hinted at retirement although I’m hoping Jones sticks around to hit 500HR. He’s one of the few players I truly believe never had anything to do with PEDs even while almost everyone in baseball was taking them. Here is a list of other players I’ve been rooting pretty hard for the past few seasons.

1. Nolan Reimold/OF/Orioles.
2. Tim Lincecum/SP/Giants
3. Zack Greinke/SP/Royals
4. Joba Chamberlain/SP-RP/Yankees
5. Justin Verlander/SP/Tigers
6. David Wright/3B/Mets
7. Jayson Werth/OF/Phillies
8. Cliff Lee/SP/Mariners
9. Ricky Nolasco/SP/Marlins
10. Ryan Zimmerman/3B/Nationals
11. Homer Bailey/SP/Reds
12. Chad Billingsley/SP/Dodgers
13. Max Scherzer/SP/Tigers
14. David Robertson/RP/Yankees
15. Scott Rolen/3B/Reds

I’m not crazy in love with any of them the way I am with Jones, Garciaparra and Maddux. I’m pretty partial towards starting pitchers and those that man the hot corner. Only Jayson Werth and Nolan Reimold fall outside that category. I could definitely see myself becoming a huge fan of relief pitchers. I think I used to undervalue them as players and although I wish that baseball would become less specialized with regards to relief pitchers, I can understand their integral importance in winning baseball games. Those players aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and used correctly can be exceptionally important to a winning baseball team.

I could have listed every player with the Yankees, but that goes without saying.


March 11, 2010 - Posted by | Baseball

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