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Tim Tebow & Future Florida QBs

I think it’s really interesting all the talk about Tebow and his development (or should I say non-development) at Florida under Urban Meyer.

I have to admit that I’m a huge Tebow fan. He’s got to be one of the most fascinating figures in sports. Not only because he’s a Christian and thus far has stood exceptionally firm in his beliefs, but because as a fellow believer you know it’s all about the perseverance and Tebow definitely will make it worthwhile to see if he perseveres.

It’s different than say a Kurt Warner. Warner was already married and all that goes in with it when he hit it big. With Tebow it’s different because we are literally going to see the guy grow up before our eyes. He’s a man already with regard to age, but watching him develop into a “man” will be extremely interesting. Especially for those of us pulling so hard for him.

With that said, I’m sort of torn with the Florida/Urban Meyer/Tebow fiasco. On the one hand I believe that Urban Meyer’s only responsibility is to win games as the HC of the Florida Gators. Tim Tebow was pretty much the the perfect QB for that system. With Tebow in Gainesville, the Gators won 2 national championships and Tebow won a Heisman (should have won 2 of them). There is no doubt that Meyer knew his system, knew Tebow would 100% perfect for it and executed the plan to perfection. Winning creates massively talented recruiting classes which should portend to more winning & championships for Meyer at Florida.

With all that said, anyone who watched the Senior Bowl could look at Tebow and see that he’s a mechanical mess. If Tebow were to suit up and play QB in the NFL he’s get murdered within the first few plays. It’s one thing to run that fake hand off up the middle run against a 19-year old LB from Vanderbilt. It’s quite another to run that fake and be staring a guy like Ray Lewis or Troy Palumalu down. As much as we might like to think Tebow is Superman, my guess is that it wouldn’t be long before medics were carrying the kid out on a stretcher with some silly stunt play he ran at Florida.

The good news for Urban Meyer is that he doesn’t have to face defenses like the Steelers, Jets, Ravens or Redskins. Unfortunately for Tim Tebow, he now does.

This brings up the question of Meyer’s responsibility in developing Tebow as a QB. Obviously he didn’t do much because if he did we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Tebow is clearly a freak athlete, but just one look at Tom Brady or Peyton Manning and you realize you don’t really need to be athletic at all to play QB. Tebow ran something like a 4.7 40-yard dash. I doubt Ben Roethlisberger could run a 5.7 40-yard dash.

Kid has 2 Super Bowl rings. Do you think he cares?

Tebow has like a 38-inch vertical leap. Tom Brady is around 6’5 and I doubt he spends much time trying to dunk basketballs.

Brady has 3 Super Bowl rings.

This is interesting to me because it has to play a pivotal role in Meyer’s ability to recruit top shelf QBs who desire to play in the NFL. That doesn’t mean that he can’t recruit QBs that won’t be good enough to run a spread offense and win. I think he can, but if you are talking about top flight QB prospects, you have to begin to wonder what this will do with Meyer’s ability to recruit those kind of players.

In the class of 2010, Rivals lists the top-50 pro-style QBs in the class and Florida didn’t lock down one of them. Florida did lock up Trey Burton who is a 3-star QB ranked 18th among the Rivals top-50 dual threat QBs. Florida has two recruits for the 2011 class, but neither is a potential QB.

Now it might not matter because Florida has John Brantley, but you wonder how that’ll play with QB recruits in the future that have seen this sort of scrutiny of Tebow with the sort of conversation that clearly indicates that Urban Meyer did nothing to help Tebow prepare for the next level.

In fairness to Urban Meyer, nobody held a gun to Tebow’s head and forced him to sign with the Gators. Ultimately, I suppose you have to point the finger at the Tebow’s and place the blame of them for not having the foresight to see that his development as a QB would not progress while a member of the Florida Gators. Would he have a chance at championships and Heisman trophies by playing at Florida? Sure. Would he be the best pro he could possibly be? Not exactly.

The one thing that really bothers me about all this is Tebow’s disposition. He repeatedly talks of being blessed to have played for Meyer and the Florida Gators. I completely get that and I certainly see where he’s coming from, but Tim, I just want to remind you of one thing:

You gave Florida & Urban Meyer a whole lot more than Florida or Urban Meyer could ever possibly give back to you.


March 4, 2010 - Posted by | Tim Tebow

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