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Hey Colts Fans……..Get Used To It!

My only thoughts on the Super Bowl:

Pierre Garcon: Garcon has to catch that pass in the 2nd quarter on 3rd down when Peyton puts it on the numbers. Right there it’s 17-3 Colts. If Garcon catches that pass then Indianapolis goes on to score. At worst it’s 13-3, but I think it’s 17-3.

Jim Caldwell: Possibly the worst coaching performance in Super Bowl history. Unlike Tony Dungy, Caldwell didn’t have Lovie Smith on the other sideline coaching even worse than he did in Super Bowl 41. When the Colts made a huge stop on the their own 1-yard line to deny New Orleans a TD, Manning had almost 2 minutes. He’s the best 2-minute QB that the NFL has ever seen. Caldwell instead completely takes the ball out of Manning’s hands and runs it 3 times. Sean Payton wasn’t born yesterday. He calls timeouts, New Orleans gets the ball back and drives to score a FG anyway making it 10-6. If Manning runs his 2-minute drill then it’s possibly 24-3 Colts at the half. At worst it’s 16-3 Colts at the half.

Jim Caldwell Part 2: Everyone in the world knew Payton was going for the onside kick to open up the 2nd half. At 10-6, New Orleans had to keep that momentum going. When Indianapolis got the ball for the first time in the 2nd half they scored a TD to make it 17-13. That should have made it 31-3 or 23-3, but Caldwell & Garcon botched everything up and it was only 10-6. If Indy scores then it was 17-6, but Payton could not have allowed that momentum to swing back to Indianapolis. His only chance at winning was the onside kick.

Caldwell should have known. He didn’t, Hank Baskett jacks the kick and New Orleans gets the ball and scores making it 13-10 Saints with all the momentum turning back to New Orleans.


Jim Caldwell is no NFL head coach. Because of Peyton Manning, Caldwell will go along winning 10-12 games a season which will make him look like a successful coach, but in reality the Colts can forget about getting to another Super Bowl.

It won’t happen. The AFC coaches are simply too good. Look what Rex Ryan did in just his first year with the Jets. John Harbaugh is doing an outstanding job in Baltimore. The Tony Sporano & Bill Parcells duo in Miami is going to be formidable sooner rather than later. And then there is that guy up in New England named Bill Belichick. Maybe you’ve heard of him? I also think Josh McDaniels is going to be decent and don’t forget about the Kansas City Chiefs who are trying to recreate what the Patriots had. Who knows if Todd Haley will be a good HC, but you can’t go wrong with Charlie Weis as an OC, Romeo Crennel as a DC and Scott Pioli as the GM. The Steelers are going to always be pretty good. The Chargers can win games although I don’t think they are Super Bowl threats because of Norv Turner. Gary Kubiak and the Texans aren’t that far off.

AT BEST, Jim Caldwell is the 12th or 13th best HC in the AFC!!!! You don’t win championships having a coach with the least amount of talent. The bottom line is that the window for another Indianapolis Colts championship has shut and it won’t be open until the powers that be in Indianapolis figure out that they have the worst possible guy coaching the team.

Does Peyton Manning see this? If he does then does he demand a new head coach before signing another contract with Indianapolis? If the Colts don’t budge does he bolt from Indianapolis? The problem here is legacy. Manning is a career 9-9 playoff QB with a Super Bowl win and a Super Bowl loss.

BOTTOM LINE: Peyton will never win another Super Bowl with Jim Caldwell as HC. The Colts simply got the wrong guy and if Manning sticks around, his last 5-6 years in the league will be a complete waste.


February 8, 2010 - Posted by | Colts

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