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Mike Leach Fired

I’m a little behind the times today, but ESPN is reporting that Mike Leach has been fired at Texas Tech! I’m pretty stunned by this. If you couldn’t hate Craig James anymore than you already do, then I’m guessing you found room for just a little extra and his D-bag son.

We could go into crazy details about all of this, but Leach hasn’t been happy with the administration at Texas Tech for years. He thought about jumping ship to Washington when Ty Willingham was let go there. Essentially you are looking at 3 things:

1. Where Will Mike Leach Land?

Leach won’t stay unemployed for long. The job he did at Texas Tech was nothing short of spectacular given the situation. It looks like it might be difficult for him to land a college coaching job next season since all the jobs are taken unless a university is willing to upgrade.

But after 2010? The situations could be a lot different. Here are some potential places Leach could wind up:


The LSU & Oklahoma situations are pretty unique especially if Jerry Jones tabs either Les Miles or Bob Stoops to convince to take the Cowboys job. I think Miles would take it in a heartbeat. Stoops? I don’t know. Also the seat could be on fire for Rich Rodriguez at Michigan if the Wolverines don’t win next season. Leach doesn’t really run a ship the way a “Michigan” man would so that might a detriment. Note too that LSU opens up if Michigan fires RichRod and gets Les Miles to take over.

2. Who Coaches Texas Tech?

Early returns have Tommy Tuberville, Kevin Sumlin, Sonny Dykes, Art Briles & Max Venables as potential candidates. Those are all pretty good guys, but I don’t see how Texas Tech doesn’t take a step down from having a coach like Leach. Sometimes universities don’t quite know what they have until they lose it. Look at Indiana basketball since Bob Knight left!

3. What About Texas Tech’s 2010 Season?

To me this is what hurts the most. Given what is going to happen in the Big XII South next season, the 2010 season could have been an ever better opportunity for Texas Tech to win the Big XII than 2008 was. Oklahoma is taking massive losses. Texas is taking massive losses. Oklahoma St. takes massive losses. Baylor is Baylor. Texas A&M should be OK but that really only leaves a Texas Tech team who is going to return quite a few players from a pretty good team to begin with. Can another coach come in and pick up where Leach leaves off and not skip a beat? It would be hard to think at least some transition will not be in order with a new head coach which could really screw up a big time opportunity for Texas Tech.

It’s really a stunning move by Texas Tech if all we really have to go on is Leach sending Adam James to a dark room. Wow.


December 30, 2009 - Posted by | Mike Leach, Texas Tech

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