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Pro Football Talk has another interesting post about the reasoning behind the supposed ending of the Bill Polian radio show. Apparently the show was so interesting that they skipped commericals and had to play them at the end of the show, thus giving the illusion that the show had been cut short. PFT says:

OK, this is now getting officially ridiculous.

In response to the perception that Colts G.M. Bill Polian pulled the plug with 10 minutes remaining on his Monday night radio show, the Colts actually have issued a statement explaining the situation.

“When programming becomes really compelling, the host’s obligation is to continue despite the need to play commercials, and Bob Lamey and Bill Polian did that admirably,” said 93 WIBC and 1070 The Fan programming director Kent Sterling in a release issued by the Colts. “The result was that there were six minutes of commercials to play during the final seven minutes of the show. Bill remained in the studio until the show went off the air, and Bob used the final minute to wrap up the show. What happened last night is business as usual in radio.”

The fact that the Colts were forced to acknowledge the situation and provide an explanation demonstrates the depths of the hostility that the fans currently are feeling, both for not trying to win on Sunday and for brushing off the complaints raised by folks who realize that, while the Colts will be in the hunt for a Super Bowl title as long as Peyton Manning is still playing for the team, chances at perfection are rare, and as such should be embraced.

If the Colts don’t make it to the Super Bowl this year, it likely will get worse. In fact, the only guy who might be able to get the situation under control is Manning. Thus, this might be a very good time for him to finalize that contract extension that owner Jim Irsay has been mentioning.

An extention for Manning? Manning’s current contract expires after the 2010 season. Do you really think Manning stays in Indianapolis? You know who else’s contract expires in 2010? Tom Brady’s!

Manning can go anywhere he wants. No team is going to say they don’t want Manning unless they have to be committed to their starting QB, but when this goes down, what potential playoff teams do you think would have room to pay Manning? In fact, how many wins is Manning worth to begin with? If the Colts wind up 15-1, how many of those wins are attributable to Peyton himself? Probably 10-11 if not more?

Now think about teams who could potentially be in line for a QB:

Buffalo Bills
Cleveland Browns
Jacksonville Jaguars
Oakland Raiders
Denver Broncos
Washington Redskins
Minnesota Vikings
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Carolina Panthers
San Francisco 49ers
St. Louis Rams
Seattle Seahawks

and possibly


This of course is pure speculation, but how does Manning not read the tea leaves here? He had shown with Austin Collie, Pierre Garcon and Anthony Gonzalez that he doesn’t need a ton of time to get used to new receivers. He showed that with Reggie Wayne & Dallas Clark as well. With that said, he’s been around long enough to know that he might not get another chance at a Super Bowl with the Colts.

He might not get a chance with a different team either, but the chances of Manning winning a Super Bowl with a new team and the chances of him winning a Super Bowl with the Colts can’t be too different when you look at how incredibly stupid the powers that be run the Colts as an organization.

This is all perfect speculation and I doubt Manning would ever do something like this given the image he’s worked so hard to build, but even as a Colts fan, there is quite a bit of me that would love to see Manning walk after next season and sign with the Patriots. How amazing would the product be to see Belichick and Manning on the same sideline? I think I remember reading in The Education of a Coach that Belichick said that Manning was his idea of the perfect QB.

It’s too ingrained that Brady is the Patriots QB and Manning is the Colts QB, but what if Mannign somehow found himself wearing Patriot Pat on the side of his helmet? I can’t imagine a scenario in which it happens, but if it did, I wouldn’t be disappointed because Manning would be giving himself an opportunity to touch history.

Given what the Colts did on Sunday, Peyton might not get that opportunity ever again in Indianapolis and he deserves better than that.


December 29, 2009 - Posted by | Peyton Manning

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