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Reason to Homeschool # 245,372,424

My wife and I received this e-mail from a member of the MOPS group my wife is associated with:

We have been dealing with a bullying situation at (Indianapolis private school*) with my son Jeffrey*. On Monday, he was kicked in the groin on the playground and later on the bus had his head pushed into the bus window by the same girl. I have been talking to everyone from the teachers to the principal and just now feel like we might receive some help.

The school doesn’t seem to realize they have a group of children who think that hurting people physically and verbally is ok. Please pray that the administrators see the damage that is being done to my son and other children because of their inaction. Please pray for the administrators who run this school system that they take seriously a parent’s request for help. Please pray that my son doesn’t suffer long-lasting damage to his self-esteem because of his classmates hateful behavior.

They are telling him he deserves to be suspended too because he “ratted out the girl” and made her be suspended. Please pray for our family that we can help our son and also help other children who are being bullied. Please teach your own children that calling others names like queer, faggot and retard is not cool, not acceptable and is hurtful and demeaning. This Christmas season should be bringing us peace and love not physical violence and hateful words.

Let me take of my Christian hat just for a second here because I think the Lord would OK it:

If you aren’t homeschooling your children, you are a FUCKING IDIOT!

There. It’s off my chest. The problem in this email is that it doesn’t matter what we pray for. The public/private school system is a complete disaster and Jesus Christ is not going to save what is inherently from Satan himself. There is no biblical precedent for any kind of educational form based on collecting groups of kids and putting them all into a classroom. It’s something I completely don’t understand.

Our children are out most precious commodity yet we send them off like lambs to the slaughter. I’ve only had this experience once with my boy while we were at a park. Some 5-year old boy smacked my boy’s arm and my boy (3-years old) cold cocked him with a right hook to his jaw. I had to hear about it from the 5-year old’s mother, but if you are going to mess with the bull, you are going to get the horns baby. Screw her and her little bratty kid.

The bottom line is that everyone in the world could get on their knees and beg God to save the schools. It ain’t happening. The only solution is to pull them out. Christians have the power to completely eradicate the United States of “schols”. Simply pull every kid out from a school whose parents are believers and then have every believer vote for which ever candidate running for any type of political office that supports the eradication of the Department of Education.

Unfortunatley Christians do not do this and would rather send e-mails like this woman asking for prayer that somehow the schools will be saved. This leads to 2 questions most people don’t want to hear:

1. Is this family truly followers of Christ?
2. Where is the father telling the wife to either homeschool the kid or fall victim to divorce?

Where are the male leaders!?

My wife one time asked me what I’d do if she didn’t want to homeschool anymore. I asked her how she thought she would like being a single parent?

Please dear God please let their be more men leaders and less complete and total pussies out there. Out children depend on it.

(*Note: Name of boy and school changed to protect privacy; not that anyone is reading this blog!)


December 23, 2009 - Posted by | Homeschooling

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