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In Defense of Vince Young

One of the games I was most looking forward to this Sunday was the Dolphins/Titans tilt. As a Colts fan, I’m obligated to completely hate the Titans, but in an odd sort of way this makes more interested in them only because I want to see them fail.

Unfortunately for me, the Titans are starting acquire players I actually like. How can anyone not like to watch Chris Johnson run? I’m really excited to see what players like WR Lavelle Hawkins and TE Jared Cook can go. Admittedly, I liked Hawkins & Cook when they were in college and it’s somewhat disappointing they are now with the Titans, but I thought both exciting players well worth the price of admission. I’ve also been a big fan of Kyle Vanden Bosch for awhile at DE. I sort of like Justin Gage. I liked Kenny Britt at Rutgers. I even had a little more respect for Jeff Fisher when he pulled the Peyton Manning jersey stunt. In fact, it’s hard to deny Jeff Fisher might not be the best HC in pro football which makes me hate the Titans even more.

In fact, this is somewhat akin to the Cubs awhile back. There isn’t a team I hate more than the Cubs in baseball (unless it’s Boston or St. Louis), but then they had a roster that featured Mark Prior, Kerry Wood, Greg Maddux & Nomar Garciaparra and I had to start rooting for them only to see some of my favorite players succeed. It was ridiculous!

What does this have to do with Vince Young? Basically I’m not a fan, but you have to give him props in the win over Miami. According to Football Outsiders, here are the ranks of each team going into that game:

Titans: 25th in pass defense, 20th in rush defense, 17th in pass offense, 4th in rush offense
Dolphins: 13th in pass defense, 25th in rush defense, 18th in pass offense, 8th in rush offense

Obviously with the Titans, they are a tremendous rushing team featuring the best RB (in my opinion) in the NFL. The Dolphins are a great running team too utilizing Ricky Williams in the Wildcat and Pat White in the Wild Pat! Williams is havnig somewhat of a renaissance year as an older RB who has been very effective.

Neither team has played particularly well defensively, but going into the game you had to figure each team would have to sell out on the rush defense which means big plays were probably to be had through the air. The quarterbacks were going to have to play a significant role in making plays for either team to win. The QB numbers were:

Vince Young: 14 of 27 (51.9%) for 236 yards, 3TD, 1INT, QB Rating = 103.3
Chad Henne: 29 of 46 (63.0%) for 349 yards, 1TD, 3INT, QB Rating = 66.3

Young didn’t pass the ball as much as Henne did, but he didn’t make as many mistakes either. If you watched the game you couldn’t help but be impressed by the physical tools of Chad Henne. Vince Young is a truly dynamic athlete, but as far as physical tools required to be an NFL quarterback, it’s obvious now why the Dolphins passed on taking a QB in the 2008 NFL Draft with the overall #1 pick and decided to wait around for Henne in the 2nd round. Sure, Henne didn’t get his team to the playoffs in his rookie season the way Matt Ryan & Joe Flacco did, but of the 3, how can you not be impressed with the physical gifts Henne possesses?

This was a game that had the makings of a QB taking the reigns and making plays to give his team a chance to make the playoffs. It was a hugely important game for both the Dolphins & Titans. Sometimes you have to give a guy his props, and this time you have to give it up for VY! He played a great game when the Titans needed him to. Who would have guessed that would happen just 3-4 months ago?


December 22, 2009 - Posted by | Vince Young

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